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Jorge Buenabad – s3 Collage

The mood I chose was anger. Usually, slanted eyebrows are the main sign when someone is angry, so I decided to make them my focal point. Also, people seem to contort their face when angry, like a lemon when squeezed. This contortion is the movement I will try to achieve. From these three collage sketches, I know the clarity of some collages has to be improved in the future.



Extra Sketches



Steph Balloqui / Greyscale and Collage “Sketches”

4/3/20: EXTRA SKETCHES! Note that these are photographs, not scanned in, and not on a white background so the intention is not as clear. ALSO- there are some finishing touches that I want to do that I feel would ruin the cutouts I currently have so I’ll try out those finishing touches when I cut out more eyes/faces!

3/26/20: Hey! This is the filled in greyscale!

These are my collage “sketches” for potential deliveries for my emotion, FEAR- I decided in the end to portray it as something that makes you spiral out of control, and makes you spiral out of sanity if your fears control you long enough. Fear can eat you alive and make you spiral. I feel the last one definitely portrays this!