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Museum Visit

The art piece I chose is from the Kaws exhibition at Brooklyn Museum, from 2015-2016, cited as the “DIG E, Brooklyn Museum photograph.” I am comparing this to my color project. The differences I can state, is that Kaws’ usage of color is more elaborated, in a sense, where he uses about 13-14 different colors, as opposed to my 2-3. I was attracted to the “abstract-ness” of the piece as well as the color usage. The similarity, deals with the way certain colors are placed, regarding the eye being a different color to around the eye, as well as the lighter colors kind of being a focal point.

Angel Cuevas



1)  Wired Cable.

2) Hole on the wall.

3) Light Bulb

  1. (S_A_X) I used ink to add the black background because i wanted to leave the letters white, so it looks more like the original picture.
  2. (A_K_E) I wanted the letters to have the same texture as the original picture and tried doing the same with the color.
  3. (S_V_N) I tried to have the same spiral vibe as the light bulb. I added two picture because i really liked how the letters without the purple background came out. I tried giving the letters some shades with pencil to match the light bulb.
  4. Overall, This project was fun. However, i felt a little limited to only use objects from my house. I wish i could have gone outside and find different starting points and explored more options. But i am satisfied with how it came out .

Angel Cuevas – ColorYourSelfie Final

The Screenshot killed the quality of the images but I hope it is still visible. Overall, I really enjoyed this project. I wish i did not start late. I would’ve to tried different colors apart from my favorite like brighter colors and do more sketches. Although I am satisfied with the colors i’ve chosen.