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Project 4



I feel like I didn’t so as well as on this project. I need a lot of practice on photoshop and need to keep going. I’m just glad that I did everything and that I learned a new skill. Like said before I need a lot of practice with this.

Steph Balloqui / Color Your Selfie Final

Here’s the final compositions for project four!!! Overall I felt this project was the easiest in terms of work and the most fun so far, and having a background in photoshop definitely helped. I came to appreicate the science of colors more!

THAT BEING SAID this project was also the hardest in terms of keeping up with it as some higher power decided it was time to kick my ass for whatever sins I committed and I keep getting really sick which resulted in multiple classes missed, which I feel AWFUL about, but these are strange times and my body decided it was time to shut down half the time! Add a mental illness to that mix and WOW I feel awful! But I’m sorry for missing so much class and I’m trying my best. (I’ll be okay don’t worry!)