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Ecquase Onaghise Define

Obvious Sketch

I sat back trying to grab elements to simplify this image. when i took a step back it looked like the continent Africa where the black mamba is from . I took this as a sign too continue.


Ambiguous Sketch

Really just search for detail and where too crop in and still maintain mood of image

Defining – Israel Martinez


My ambiguous was inking in a way that its like a left versus right. I wanted a yin yang which makes everything pop out more. My first ink drawing was smaller and made the drawing a bit bigger so it could relate everything better. The first one had a smaller shape shows more of the outside and didn’t get the right proportions that I wanted.

After presenting I found out what I did wrong and what I could to make everything come together better, and to focus on the actual black vs white.


My obvious ink drawing started off good, but the proportions were off just a bit so I changed it while going into the Bristol. So I zoomed in on the picture and made the proportions better. From 60/40 to 70/30.

I will be editing the pictures and turning in on Tuesday