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Selfiemotion -Diliver

Hello this is Christina Warrington and this is my “final” for project 3- Selfie_motion. I would say that this was one of the most challenging art project that I’ve had thus far. The emotion that I chose was anger and I tried to emphasize that through the facial expression and the jagged lines to show yelling/shouting. The main struggles that I’ve had was mainly being “stiff” with my sketches and not being as adventurous as I should have. I was being extremely cautious with the materials that I have and that caution ended up being my downfall. Even in the final product I am not satisfied with how it turned out. Hopefully it meets most of the criteria needed in this project.


With all the sketches that I have done and post I happy with the final that I made I feel like throughout this project I found out what it means to sketch. I was struggling to find the emotion in the other pictures, but in this one I feel like I got the setting. At the end I chose to go with anger which wasn’t one of the emotions that I wanted to do, but when looking back and restarting by taking a new picture I found that is what I felt from the photo. The feeling of anger is like disappointment and  recovery which affects us and can make us better when we get through things.

Steph Balloqui / SELFIEMOTION / Deliver

So the emotion I chose was fear- and the motion I chose was a spiral. Fear can lead you to spiral down into paranoia and madness, and I wanted to capture a melancholy, uncomfortable kind of fear with my piece- the kind of fear most people are living with nowadays. My focal point is my eyes- when afraid, people tend to cover their eyes, so I kind of wanted to do the opposite- opening your eyes up to the fear and embracing it in a sense. I sought out to capture the emotion of fear while turning myself into an object or creature to be feared.

I will the first to admit it- it’s a little messy. my original idea with the eyes failed because my printer ran out of ink. I used ink pens and acrylic paint to highlight the spirals and splatter “blood” around the piece, and my greyscale is even in the shape of a spiral!