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Jorge Buenabad – s1 Discover

As I researched the meanings of Blue-Violet, I found that the Blue-Violet defined online did not match my color wheel version. The Blue-Violet I see closely resembles a Navy Blue shade. This particular color stands for stability, unity, and confidence. I was surprised to know because these are traits I try to strive for, especially finding stability in life.

*There might be slight inaccuracies with my color wheel.

Jorge Buenabad – s3 Collage

The mood I chose was anger. Usually, slanted eyebrows are the main sign when someone is angry, so I decided to make them my focal point. Also, people seem to contort their face when angry, like a lemon when squeezed. This contortion is the movement I will try to achieve. From these three collage sketches, I know the clarity of some collages has to be improved in the future.



Extra Sketches



Jorge – s4 Develop


Type/ texture

For some weird reason, I believed this picture to be of rubber bands rather than pasta. I envisioned it would have a dry and rubbery texture. It has no pattern. The lines are for the most part smooth. However, there are some jagged edges. Each strand is rectangular in shape. In terms of rhythm, the strands resemble the flow of messy hair. There is not a sharp contrast. There is also a lack of balance not only through the lighting but the positioning of the objects, it is almost chaotic. I hope to achieve the tactile feeling of dry rubberbands through a sketch.

Line/ pattern

Type/ pattern

The chain fence has a smooth texture. It is cold to the touch. There is a clear pattern in the fence. Which the pattern is made up of diamond shapes. A fence follows a geometric rhythm. The sharp contrast makes it easy to distinguish the shades of color apart. Because the fence is geometric in nature it has a balance to it. My goal is to create a tactile feeling of smooth cold steel.