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Jorge Buenabad – s1 Discover

As I researched the meanings of Blue-Violet, I found that the Blue-Violet defined online did not match my color wheel version. The Blue-Violet I see closely resembles a Navy Blue shade. This particular color stands for stability, unity, and confidence. I was surprised to know because these are traits I try to strive for, especially finding stability in life.

*There might be slight inaccuracies with my color wheel.

Jorge Buenabad – s5 Deliver

Overall, I am disappointed I could not work out some sketches for the final. In the last project, I got stuck for being too indecisive. This time I hoped to choose the best option possible. Having multiple outside perspectives on my sketches helped to determine a direction to follow.

In my final, I tried to convey the mood of anger, and the contorted motion one’s face makes. The focal point I settled with was with the eyebrow, specifically its right side, the side next to the crossed lips. Every piece of the collage waypoints towards this side at different angles, the crossed lips however are angled less drastically.

Jorge Buenabad – s3 Collage

The mood I chose was anger. Usually, slanted eyebrows are the main sign when someone is angry, so I decided to make them my focal point. Also, people seem to contort their face when angry, like a lemon when squeezed. This contortion is the movement I will try to achieve. From these three collage sketches, I know the clarity of some collages has to be improved in the future.



Extra Sketches



Jorge – s5 Deliver

I found that looks can be deceiving. This assignment was a lot harder than I thought. I grew a great appreciation for graphic designers who work under greater time constraints. I was very indecisive throughout this project. I saw myself keep trying to experiment and try new things to the point that I had no direction in where I wanted to go. Penwork was still an uneasy process and found myself starting over. In the end, I learned some valuable lessons for the future: take account of the time, be calm and have some sort of plan.

Line/ Texture

Line/ Pattern

Type/ Texture

Type/ Pattern