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Jorge – s4 Develop


Type/ texture

For some weird reason, I believed this picture to be of rubber bands rather than pasta. I envisioned it would have a dry and rubbery texture. It has no pattern. The lines are for the most part smooth. However, there are some jagged edges. Each strand is rectangular in shape. In terms of rhythm, the strands resemble the flow of messy hair. There is not a sharp contrast. There is also a lack of balance not only through the lighting but the positioning of the objects, it is almost chaotic. I hope to achieve the tactile feeling of dry rubberbands through a sketch.

Line/ pattern

Type/ pattern

The chain fence has a smooth texture. It is cold to the touch. There is a clear pattern in the fence. Which the pattern is made up of diamond shapes. A fence follows a geometric rhythm. The sharp contrast makes it easy to distinguish the shades of color apart. Because the fence is geometric in nature it has a balance to it. My goal is to create a tactile feeling of smooth cold steel.

Jorge Buenabad – s4 Deliver


Ambiguous Final

Obvious Final

At the beginning of this project, I had a difficult time understanding the concept of lines and ratios. I also struggled with translating images into graphics, but ultimately I settled with these two pictures. From then on, the objective more became clearer. I found penwork requires nerves of steel. Tracing too hard with a pencil will leave a mark no matter how I erased it. For the next project, I have to improve my time management and work in a calmer state.


Jorge Buenabad – s1 Discover

Story: There are depths unknown to us. Suffocated of its gleaming blue light, the ocean now an ebony veil. A bastard with no name lurks unopposed. It is always unfortunate to hear of those missing out at sea, however. Alyona’s perilous journey is not one of those tales.

  • I believe the shapes in the picture to be organic. The is no clear foreground nor background due to the 50/50 ratio between the positive and negative spaces, leading me to think that the picture is ambiguous.


Story: The enemy never slept. We tucked in our loved ones while they loomed over our shoulders. In wisps of wind, we swore we heard nothing. Now they are at our steps, waiting.

  • No shape in this picture is geometric but organic. The leaf easily represents the foreground. However, I can not say that the picture is obvious because it lacks the 30/70 split. I will fix the ratio in the future.