Project 1 – Lost & Found – Angel Cuevas (Discover & Deliver)


A hole on the wall

Story – It originally used to be a small crack on the wall until one day this man who was not having the best of his days and was really angry due to losing a competition, showed up and was raging. To relieve his anger he punched the wall so many times. Thus, causing this big hole.




Fire Hose

Story – This is an enchanted Fire hose created by one powerful blacksmith who was also a mage years ago. It was a gift for firefighters. However, it was hard to control. The water pressure coming out of it was too much for regular humans like the firefighters to handle. Which is why they have decided to put it away behind a powerful fence so nobody could use it.





This project helped me to simplify pictures without losing its essence. What I could have done better in this image is to add more detail to the borders of the object to emphasize its texture a lot more.



I learned that you can find other ways to do something you can’t without breaking the rules. This image had fences that were lines. At first, I tried leaving it out but the image did not end up being the same. So I had to find a way to include the fences because they were an essential part of the image. What I feel I could have done better is make all the fences have the same thickness.

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