Noemi Mendez – N. Y. Time Travel Section Assignment

The article Air and Rail Travel News: “Remodeled Planet at British Airways” by Elaine Glusac published in the travel section of the New York Time has its pros and cons. I consider this article very interesting, because it makes the passengers more comfortable in long flights with new seat cushions, Panasonic entertainment system and seat with access to a power outlets to connect electronic devices for those who would like to during the flights. This is very good for people who travel very long distances flights, because they will have entertainment, be more relaxed and comfortable whiles riding a jumbo plane.

The downside of this article, is that this type of makeover is only for jumbo plane who are traveling very long distance flights: London to Boston; Chicago; Dubai; Kuwait; Largos, Nigeria; and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Another downside, is that only the British Airways company is the one with the makeover. I consider that all airlines companies should acquiring the same new equipment and technology on their airplanes, no matter the distance of a flights. Passengers should be entitled to the same accommodations while traveling to different places. Nowadays, traveling is expensive and instead of accustomed their passengers with good experiences while traveling, there are some airlines that are depriving their passengers with limited services like food on short distance flight.

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