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Title: René Redzepi Plans To Close Noma And Reopen It As An Urban Farm

Mr. Redzepi, whose known to have a very influential restaurant named Noma, has quite the determination to go out of his comfort zone to reopen the restaurant as an urban farm. Redzepi came across an auditorium-sized empty warehouse. The inside walls were covered with street art and teenagers also used the inside space as a skating rink. Redzepi plans on closing Noma after a New Year’s service in 2016. He plans to reopen the following year with new alterations. Mr. Redzepi wants to transform the empty area into “a state-of the- art urban farm”, with Noma at it’s center. Redzepi envisions great outcomes for this renovation. Apparently, when a restaurant  owns it’s own farm, it goes to show the desire of a chef to have total control of the ingredients. As a matter of fact, he plans on creating seasonal menus and have vegetarian foods throughout the hotter seasons. The article states that the drastic change has not been driven by necessity, but rather to create evolution.

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