Christine Travel Summary #1

At Toronto Restaurant, Unfussy but Fish Aplenty… September 11, 2015

I choose this article because it had interested title and the picture of the food caught my attention. “A pan -seared fish with dill mayonnaise and coleslaw”, look delicious but kinda nasty at the same time. The article is about named John Bill who had vision of opening a restaurant. The restaurant was a combinations of fish counter and sit-down, the business started in Toronto. Mr. Bill restaurant was famous for their seafood dishes especially finned and shellfish. The name of the restaurant Junction in January. He had great vision and business plan. John goal was to make everyone feel comfortable and cozy when come to his restaurant. Only worries should be what food is being serve and how will it tatse. In the article, it explains how precise, presentable and delegate he made or wanted each dishes to be. Mr. Bill was passion about his restaurant as it was express through the article. He emphasize to make dishes and menu consist of different background food from different places such as British Columbian and Japanese. This would allowed eeveryone who travel from different countries to feel welcome. Mr. Bill didn’t want barriers between server to food and food to people. The challenging part is making sure the customers love the food the restaurant has to offer and how its prepared. Honestly, I agree with Mr. Bill vision of restaurant because each and every person can cook different meals at their homes. But they choose to come to your restaurant you should welcome them with a warm feeling. Customer come to restaurant to have nice meal with love one and try new dishes. They are to be treated comfortability, must be serve well and enthusiastic to try dishes the menu has to offer. I enjoyed reading this article, throughout the country there are seafood lovers doesn’t matter how its made.

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