travel section-What New Rules Means for Travel to Cuba–Zhigang Gao

Gao, Zhigang                                                       HMGT 1101

9/24/15                                                                Pro. DUCHAMP

Cuba is a beautiful country, I have urge to travel around in Cuba. So every news about Cuba I interested in it.  According to the article, ” What New Rules Means for Travel to Cuba.” by Victoria burnett described some new rules for tourism who will visit Cuba. American can go to cuba without having a permission, but have to fit into 12 categories, for instance, visits relatives, professional research or journalistic and there forth. However, tourism still can’t fly to Cuba on a commercial carrier, they need fly through third country to Cuba. But they can go there by cruise. Havana is the most popular city in Cuba, hotel always overbooked and only few travel agency offer booking service like Cubania Travel and Trip Advisor. In addition, most of place don’t process credit card payment. so it would be wise bring cash, if you travel to Cuba, it may be a good idea to take British Pounds and Euros, which get a better exchange rate in Cuba than the United States dollar. another important policy is American can now bring back up to $400 in souvenirs. In my opinion, those new rules good to know, make our trip more smooth and make less mistake.


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