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NoMo SoHo Reflection

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Visiting and touring NoMo SoHo was a great experience. We got the not only see the variety of rooms and amenities they offer but also meet staff of various positions. The hotel has a unique location, beautiful decor and unmatched views. I felt inspired by the visit to NoMo SoHo. Hotels aren’t a branch of hospitality I was interested in going in. Seeing it first hand and meeting people that work there have widened my perspectives. I am particularly interested in the revenue department. During the visit I learned that I would prefer to work in a boutique hotel rather than a larger one because it allows for more personal relationships and dealings with other staff and guest. I also learned the importance of LinkedIn for networking around the industry.

Hotel Site Visit

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What I liked about my visit to the 1 Hotel was the beautiful décor! I learned that the theme of the designs came from inspiration of the Disney classic “Beauty and The Beast”. Okay WHO DOESN’T LOVE THAT MOVIE!? It’s my all time favorite! I knew there was a reason I was a huge fan of the roses in the carpet design and the mini tables with beast claws in the mid section of the rooms! The whole theme grasped my attention as soon as I walked in! Lovely! And the 1 Hotel was so nice they gave us complimentary breakfast. If I disliked anything it was the fact that I couldn’t stay longer! I really enjoyed the time there. One aspect that really gave me a thought to look into lodging was surely the togetherness that the 1 Hotel team displayed. They have become a family and work together to get the job done. Also two quotes that one of the managers stated “Every day is a new adventure, you don’t know what will happen.” as well as “You have to be humorous” I loved that! Visiting and hearing many different stories from the employees gave me such a great outlook on not only the thrill of being in a adventurous field but also helping people, that can be by just grabbing their bags, asking how their day is going, what you can help with or cracking a joke. That’s what it all boils down to in hospitality, and that’s what I’m great at based on people who I’ve encountered. I think I will look more into lodging as time goes by.

NoMo Site Reflection

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The most significant information I learned about was that it is a 4-star hotel that has an occupancy of 264 rooms/suites. My favorite was the pent house two, with a panoramic view of the SoHo area. It is a little expensive, but being located on the 26th floor, 1,100 square feet of customizable space, what’s not to love? My next pick would most likely be either the double room or the king suite, depending on who I was residing in the hotel with. The ‘Beauty and the Beast Theme’ stuck out to me because I thought it was very unique and it gave you a fairy-tale experience. The navigation facility provides smartphones in every room for people to use to make it easy for travelers to get around and stay in contact with loved ones. The restaurant was outstanding, you almost felt like you were sitting having a meal in a rain forest, not a hotel. I would like to create a LinkedIn account and familiarize myself with the very knowledge people I had the privilege of meeting. As well as adding them on social media sites. Personally, I do not dislike anything from the No-Mo SoHo hotel, I thought every aspect and detail put into it was over the top. I liked how every leader in that hotel seemed to be from a different country, showing you that you can learn so much about people in and outside of your job. Everyone was so full of life. I did feel prepared while visiting this hotel, it was what I expected it to be besides meeting the ‘head bosses.’ I need to prepare myself and continue to work on my skills and weaknesses to hopefully one day be an outstanding leader and have the privilege to work in a high up hotel. I have never been to a high-end hotel like that before so it was a very nice experience for me. I look forward to visiting more and hopefully being an employee, working my way up in a luxury hotel.

Reflection on Nomo Soho

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The most important information I learned at the hotel was a four-star hotel with 264 rooms and suites, including the Queen’s Room, King’s Room, Double Room, Prince’s House, and each house has a view of the nearby attic. Especially the prince’s house is on the top floor, the room is big, and the scenery of Manhattan can be seen at a glance, but the price is relatively expensive. The navigation facility is provided by the convenience of a smartphone in the first hotel in North America and is available in every room. The hotel has restaurants and art galleries. The arched walkway is dotted with ivy and fairy-tale lights, and the original white rooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows with spectacular skyline views. The action I would take to network with the people I have met is add them Facebook, email, or other social media. I like the design of this hotel, the stylish design and its vibrant atmosphere create a chic hospitality experience. Service attitude is also very good. But I don’t really like the room to put too many mirrors. One aspect, I want to work in the lodging industry. I can communicate with people from different countries and grow my own knowledge. After all, many people from different countries come from different countries. I feel I have not prepared for what I have experienced during the site visit. Although I have basic information about the site visit. I don’t how to prepare for a career in the luxury hotel market. I feel very good and novel, because I have never been to a hotel, let alone a four-star hotel.

NoMo SoHo

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The importance of the power of a thank you note should never be underestimated. After you write your reflection you should consider sending a thank you note to the leaders at NoMo SoHo, use your City Tech email address and copy me on the letter.

GM: Terry Buchholz
Hotel Manager: Joseph Verde
Sales: Francine Slosser
Housekeeping: Sara Dominguez
F&B: Eliott Encarnacion
Director of Revenue Management: Alicia Ngai  
You can send notes to Rebecca and Victoria too, use Ms. Ngai’s email address.

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