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What I liked about my visit to the 1 Hotel was the beautiful décor! I learned that the theme of the designs came from inspiration of the Disney classic “Beauty and The Beast”. Okay WHO DOESN’T LOVE THAT MOVIE!? It’s my all time favorite! I knew there was a reason I was a huge fan of the roses in the carpet design and the mini tables with beast claws in the mid section of the rooms! The whole theme grasped my attention as soon as I walked in! Lovely! And the 1 Hotel was so nice they gave us complimentary breakfast. If I disliked anything it was the fact that I couldn’t stay longer! I really enjoyed the time there. One aspect that really gave me a thought to look into lodging was surely the togetherness that the 1 Hotel team displayed. They have become a family and work together to get the job done. Also two quotes that one of the managers stated “Every day is a new adventure, you don’t know what will happen.” as well as “You have to be humorous” I loved that! Visiting and hearing many different stories from the employees gave me such a great outlook on not only the thrill of being in a adventurous field but also helping people, that can be by just grabbing their bags, asking how their day is going, what you can help with or cracking a joke. That’s what it all boils down to in hospitality, and that’s what I’m great at based on people who I’ve encountered. I think I will look more into lodging as time goes by.

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