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NoMo Site Reflection

The most significant information I learned about was that it is a 4-star hotel that has an occupancy of 264 rooms/suites. My favorite was the pent house two, with a panoramic view of the SoHo area. It is a little expensive, but being located on the 26th floor, 1,100 square feet of customizable space, what’s not to love? My next pick would most likely be either the double room or the king suite, depending on who I was residing in the hotel with. The ‘Beauty and the Beast Theme’ stuck out to me because I thought it was very unique and it gave you a fairy-tale experience. The navigation facility provides smartphones in every room for people to use to make it easy for travelers to get around and stay in contact with loved ones. The restaurant was outstanding, you almost felt like you were sitting having a meal in a rain forest, not a hotel. I would like to create a LinkedIn account and familiarize myself with the very knowledge people I had the privilege of meeting. As well as adding them on social media sites. Personally, I do not dislike anything from the No-Mo SoHo hotel, I thought every aspect and detail put into it was over the top. I liked how every leader in that hotel seemed to be from a different country, showing you that you can learn so much about people in and outside of your job. Everyone was so full of life. I did feel prepared while visiting this hotel, it was what I expected it to be besides meeting the ‘head bosses.’ I need to prepare myself and continue to work on my skills and weaknesses to hopefully one day be an outstanding leader and have the privilege to work in a high up hotel. I have never been to a high-end hotel like that before so it was a very nice experience for me. I look forward to visiting more and hopefully being an employee, working my way up in a luxury hotel.

Alexandra McCaig

I studied Business Management at the College of Staten Island for two years but decided to switch my interest to Hospitality. I transferred over to City Tech, making this my first semester in Hospitality Management, hoping to achieve my Bachelors Degree. I have experience in this field from managing a tanning salon for about a year, and now currently working as a coordinator at a salon and wellness spa. During these experiences I realized that I enjoy working with people and doing my best to help them have the best experience.
Some strengths of mine are determination, commitment, organization and my persistency. I am very determined to always do and be the best me that I can be, and very persistent to get the jobs done. I am always committed to succeeding in all that I do, while making sure that I best accommodate the individuals.