Blessings McNeil

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Coming from someone who had no clue what they wanted to be in life or couldn’t decide if they wanted a bowl of cereal or a steak sandwich I think I’ve come pretty far. It’s still a process but my decisions in where my future is headed is in a much better space. Taking liberal arts in my previous school (Queens borough Community College) has helped me better understand that I needed time to find MYSELF! Majority of High School I participated in programs that my family thought was fit for me. And they simply were not. I took Medical Assisting courses in high school and originally planned on doing nursing at QCC but I realized and finally admitted to myself that I was miserable just thinking about doing it! And I completely sucked at math and science. It was a disaster waiting to take course. So I chose liberal arts and tried to check out everything I could. I had to experience a variety of different classes to get a feel of what I would like. I ended up taking a semester off and decided to work part time and let me tell you guys I hated it! Working on a job that required me there during graveyard shift hours (UPS) helped me become SO MUCH BETTER at time management! I had to wake up so many hour early and prepare myself for those shifts. Sometimes they would be at the crack of dawn and a lot of times before that! But thanks to that job I am so early to things now compared to a few months ago. I think everything is slowly falling into place, like me taking up Hospitality Management. I think a personal strength I have is being able to stay happy even during dark times. Being happy is not easy as one would think it is! It takes a lot of inner love and inner power to possess the skill of being truly happy! You have to accept that everyday is not sunshine but who said you can’t be your own sunshine? Who says you can’t be another persons sunshine? Anyhow, I love to eat! I seriously do. I remember watching Man versus Food and other shows like Chopped and Baking Wars on the Food Network and Traveling Channel and I’d tell my mom “Oooooh I want to do that! I want to travel and eat!” I knew I wanted to for sure be a food critic after watching “Ratatouille” yes it’s a kid movie but I loved it and still do. It’s so inspiring. No I don’t like rats but maybe if the rat from that movie made me a plate of food I just might try it! haha. I love traveling as well, I don’t get to do it much but when I do, I do it well. It’s so many places I have never seen. I can’t wait to do more. To me writing about some great food can never be wrong! What’s better? Maybe when I do my happy dance right before I’m about to eat but besides that I think I’m coming closer to my goals and I realized that everyone else’s time frame to do things is not the same as mine. So we shall see where things go this brand new semester but as for now things are looking good for this leaf named Blessings that’s flowing in the wind!

4 thoughts on “Blessings McNeil

  1. Jonathan Diaz

    Amazing story! what a transition! As someone who struggles with time management im trying to be more like you? and also the idea of a food critic is interesting to that isn’t even a road i considered taking in the past.

  2. Laura Ng

    Hello Blessings! Firstly, I love that name. Secondly, I feel the same way as I am also indecisive with my decisions, and I completely agree with you on which kinds of food I want to eat that day. It is nice to know that you like to travel and eat.

  3. agulliver

    Hello Blessings,
    I too had a similar college experience of looking within myself and exploring many different career paths to figure out what I truly wanted to do. I also loved watching those Food Network shows as well which did inspire me at a young age to pursue a career in the food industry but once the time came during college I ended up in different majors. Eventually I realized that I belong in hospitality management. Here I am now and so far I love the hospitality field and am excited to explore it. Good luck to you on your journey!


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