Cheyenne Acosta: What I Think About Food Photography

I’m not the type of person who will update their Facebook status obsessively and constantly. In fact, most of my posts come from Instagram. Instagram is such an easy way to upload a moment so spontaneously. So, being a big foodie that I am, quite a few of my pictures are of food. I’m not necessarily a great photographer, but I like seeing food. I think food photography is so relevant now because it is so aesthetically pleasing to look at. The color, shapes, textures of food will literally make your mouth water. You see your friend post a picture of a Belgian waffle smothered in all types of sweet toppings and you think, “Hey, that looks good. I think I’ll go grab one from Wafles and Dinges, now!” Food photography is a great tool for the food industry. Along with the help of social media, picture of food can be seen anywhere by anyone and from the company’s point of view, it’s like free advertising. To the customer, their cravings and curiosity have been satisfied.  Although some people take it to the extreme like the customer who dined at Alinea Restaurant as mentioned in the New York Times article, “First Camera, Then Fork” by Kate Murphy. As long as people remember that food is supposed to be eaten, savored, and enjoyed by the taste buds and not tapped twice to make a heart appear or watching the numbers go up on a thumbs up, I think food photography can go a long way for the food industry.

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