Homework #1: Photographing Food

My Usual: Tony Clifton pizza at Two Boots

My Usual: Tony Clifton pizza at Two Boots

What do you think of the prevalent practice of taking pictures of food. Read the NYT article “First Camera, Then Fork” on people who take pictures of food and then display them online. Taking pictures of food is so common nowadays that the comedian Adam Sacks produced a spoof commercial when the iPhone 5 was released that highlighted food photography. There are numerous tumblr and flickr groups dedicated to food like the flickr “I Ate This.

Read the “First Camera, Then Fork” NYT article here.

Watch a parody ad of the “iPhone 5” for Food Photography

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6 thoughts on “Homework #1: Photographing Food

  1. People take photos of their foods because they can create some memories, its enjoyable, other people can see and know what you eating and also It sounds sort of entertaining. What I’m eating may persuade somebody to come eat with me on my next visit. For instance, there’s another restaurant that is opened up around the local area. In the wake of seeing the photos, one of my friend asked me where I was eating and, subsequent to advising him on the off chance that I needed to do a reversal some other time. It’s really great. Therefore, taking photos is very nice and showing people is enjoyable. Here is one of my Turkish breakfast photo from my last visit of Istanbul. I attached it on the file and resized it again. By the way if you would like to see my journey on Instagram you are very welcome. http://www.instagram.com/newyorkerdem

    Thank you,

    Erdem Uzunoglu

  2. Food is the way you express yourself. What you like to eat stems from who you are, where you come from, what kind of person you are etc. You can find a lot about someone simply from what they eat. Taking photos of food can be used as a way to capture a memory, and simply a way to show off a part of who you are. Photos inflict past memories, ones that you would like to forget or ones that you would do anything to be able to relive. Photographs of food can do the same thing, once a person looks at photo of something they ate it entices something inside. It’s almost as if a movie starts to play in your head of the time or place or day you took that photo. It’s a conversation starter, looking at someone’s photo simply of what they ate for dinner last night can let a person know exactly how to start that conversation.

  3. “Food is life” as I like to say. I personally enjoy food, way too much if you ask me. I don’t usually publish what I eat, I rarely put up what I do on social media. However, if and when I do visit an exciting place or eat an exciting item I do tend to take pictures even if they’re for myself. Sometimes I like to send pictures of food to my partner or to my girlfriends of the delicious meal I had on my break at work. I think different people take pictures of food for different reasons. Some may like the fact that they’re keeping their friends and family up to date on the best spots to dine at or the best places to visit. Some may find a liking to food photography as a whole. Some may just be trying to share a bit of their everyday life or maybe even trying to show off. Whatever the reason may be I think people can and should do as they please with their smartphones and their dinner. I do believe however that we spend way too much time on our smartphones and I also believe that some things are just worth keeping to yourself. We’re all pretty occupied working, going to school etc. and the first chance we get we turn to our phones to capture a memory and share it with the world. Maybe its just me but sometimes I like to keep things to myself, the best parts of me. I’m all for sharing bits and pieces but when you’re sharing every single little detail down to the biscuit you had this morning from the bakery down the block, well you must have a whole lot of time on your hands. Someone reading this might think I’m selfish but truth is I don’t really have the time for it. I love food but I’m not too crazy about publishing my foods. If I’m traveling and come across something exciting I then like to share my whereabouts. Its not to knock anyone who has a passion for food photography, like I said everyone has their own reasons, mine are just different. Besides, if you’re sharing every single little thing, what are you keeping for yourself?

    • Maintaining a blog or any social media account, whether Twitter or Instagram, or even FB, takes time and it is a time commitment that’s hard to keep up with our busy schedules.

  4. I personally am thinking of stating my own blog once I get more in debt with my cooking career, because though I don’t want to open a restaurant I know I would like to open some form of business of my own, so taking picture of food whenever its your own creation or someone else that you feel should get credit for their work is a great thing. I feel photographing food is advertising to others what is out there in the world to taste. Every Sunday up until recently I cooked every Sunday for dinner and for food to take to work during the week, and I photographed all of my meals/creations, and they were all soooooo good. But that another topic within itself.

    • A blog is a great idea to get your used to writing and photographing and documenting what you’re doing to reach your goals. You can always start a free one on wordpress, or add it to part of your eportfolio, and then make a more official one when you’re ready.

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