Exploring City Tech’s Liberal Arts Major at City Tech and a Career in Criminal Justice by Ryane Martinez

My name is Ryane Martinez, and I am currently a student at City Tech who is in the midst of reflecting on the career I plan on pursuing. I am currently working towards becoming a New York Police Officer. This is the best career for me because I believe it will open up the doors for me to have other opportunities I may want to pursue. Another reason I am convinced it is the best decision for me is because I have the desire to make New York a better home for everyone. The third reason why I want to be a Police Officer is because I suspect that Police Officer’s are misunderstood and so are the citizens of this country. I am confident that one day there would be less tension between the people of America and the Police Departments all over the country in efforts to make this country a better home for everyone.

In order to be Police Officer in New York the NYPD asks all applicants to meet these requirements stated by the NYPD recruit website: “all applicants to be at least 17 1/2 years of age and no older than 35 years old with the exception of those who are in the military”, “in order to be hired candidates need to be at least 21 years old”, “applicants must be a citizen of the United States”, “applicants must have a 2.0 GPA with 60 credits from college or the equivalent to that which is 2 years of active military service with honorable discharge”. Over a period of time I have spoken to family members in the Police force in order to understand aspects of the job I did not know of. I was able to grasp that the job can get very tiring at times and all though the pay is not much, I should take tests in order to earn higher ranks in the force. I was also told that other job opportunities come along because of ones success in NYPD. There, I would be able to decide if I want to pursue these opportunities or remain a Police Officer.

Being a Police Officer allows you have job opportunities within the Police Department or in other government agencies. Within the Police department, everyone is given a chance to be promoted. In an article Five Reasons to Be a Police Officer in About Career mentioned that promotions become available regularly “As positions become available, they are typically filled from the lower ranks”. Now, of course you have to earn these positions because they are not just handed out. Depending on how good of an Officer you are, you could even get the attention of an agency like the FBI, DEA or U.S. Marshall. If being a Police Officer is not exactly how you envisioned it, it would not be a problem because there are many opportunities that will present itself. I believe that being a Police Officer is what I long to do, but I also do know I ultimately want to do a job along the lines of criminal justice so I am aware that NYPD is not the only career that will fulfill my desire to make this world a better place. Being a Police Officer will meet all my key reasons for wanting to do this job. The article Five More Reasons To Be a Police Officer summed up the Police Officer job well, “A decent salary, great benefits, constant opportunities to learn new things, and ongoing chances for advancement.  What more could you want in a career?” I do not desire to be rich but I do want to have financial stability. Opportunities will come along whether it’s a promotion or another agency that may want to hire you. Benefits for you and your family just makes this career more appealing. 

New York is probably a place that everyone around the world would like to come visit. It’s also the home of millions of people. But of course a city with millions of people has it’s downside because not every one of these people make this city a better home. The NY Daily News article Murders Up 20% in 2015 Year-by-Year Comparison NYPD Says states “The murder rate in New York City has spiked an alarming 20% in the first two months of the year, prompting NYPD brass to rethink strategy to curb the deadly trend”. New York will probably never be able to experience times with no crimes but it is people like me that strive to one day make a difference. I have come to a conclusion that New York is not a place to raise a family. If you ask me, I would not want to raise my own kids in this environment but I am willing to work as a Police Officer in order to maybe one day make this city a home for everyone.

Most people become cops for the reasons I want to be a cop. I believe the reason most young men and women want to be Police Officers is because they are young and hopeful for the world and they believe they can make a difference. Somewhere along the lines Police Officer’s experience the reality of the world and their hope for society dies out. The one side of the job of a Police Officer that no one will never be able to understand is the danger of their job. Constantly dealing with people that you do not know can be nerve wrecking because you do not know what they are capable of or what they might have on them. I am not trying to justify any wrong doings that Police Officers may commit but I believe they are humans just as much as anyone else with emotions and a family they need to go home to everyday.

New York City College of Technology will allow me to understand what it means to work for what you want. Attending College will push me to keep thinking and planning for my future even if I may not see the results of my work immediately. Further more I plan to enroll into psychology and sociology classes in order to understand people’s behavior and thought process. I am confident that this will help me the day I become a Police Officer because it allows me to comprehend people’s actions and thoughts no matter what culture or background they come from. By doing so, I hope to remain humbled as a Police Officer in order to do my job to the best of my ability to serve the people of New York City.

The process I went through to figure out what I really wanted to do as a career was lengthy. I bounced around from career to career thinking that being a Police Officer would not be sufficient enough to make my family proud of me. I knew I wanted to make NYC a better place at a young age but I was not sure how to go about doing so. As I got in my teenage years I explored the job of a Police Officer in depth by asking questions to family members in the Police force. It’s important to take all aspects of the job into consideration. Some of the important topics that should be addressed and thought about is the pay, benefits, dangers, pros, cons, the most hated part of the job and the best part of the job. It’s also good to reflect on your own reasons for considering being a Cop. Analyze your motives so that you have the right mind set from the beginning. To take it even further, ask Police Officers what were some of their motives when they first joined compared to now. By doing so you will obtain a good sense of what the job is like before actually pursuing it.

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Exploring City Tech’s Fashion Marketing Major at City Tech and a Career in Fashion Marketing by Alexys Harden.

Using My Brain to Explore a Career Path


Currently, I’m a college freshman searching for a way to be successful. The way I view success may be a little different from others, so let me explain. Success as defined by me, Alexys Harden, is having happiness lwithin my family, a job that I love and isn’t just a mean of income, and enough money to live comfortably and hopefully lavishly from time to time. I believe that my current major in college which is Fashion Marketing will get me to that point. Fashion Marketing is the best major and career choice for me because it will allow me to make enough money to live off of comfortably, satisfy my desire to work in the fashion industry, and keep me busy enough to stay interested in my job. In this essay I will express what I desire in my future during and after college graduation.

At my current school, The New York City College of Technology, I’m enrolled in the 2-year associates degree program for fashion marketing. Fashion marketing is cut out fir a person with “an eye for fashion and a mind for business” (Mogg). My education during my first year started off with the “fundamentals of business, marketing and merchandising of fashion goods” (City Tech, 2014). In the next year I should have the skills required to “meet professional standards in fashion marketing” (City Tech, 2014). I will also gain the knowledge I need to further my education with a higher ranking degree. According to CUNY if I’m anything like past graduates of City Tech I should be able to be an executive in the field of marketing, which is just what I hope to be. After I graduate from City Tech I plan on using my education to become a marketing manager for a fashion label. The size of the company is not as important to me as the work I will be doing to start with. As long as my first job is satisfying my desire to work within the fashion business industry, I will be content.

imageThis photo represents my major class in my first year.

Working in the fashion industry was a small dream of mine for many years as a young child. I lacked the art skills it took to design but always had the creativity and wit it takes to market or give meaning to a brand. According to Shimmering Resumes the objective of fashion marketing and public relations is to “give clothing collections a public face” (Fashion Industry Careers). With my talent of persuasion and knowledge on how to attract others based off of phycological factors, fashion marketing is perfect for me. Although I know my career choice will make me happy and that life isn’t all about a biweekly check, money is definitely important.

image This photo is of an advertisement done by a fashion brand, Aero.

Although my main focus for life is having a job that makes me happy a majority of the time, money rules. Even if we try to avoid it money will always be a focus in life. To start my career off, I don’t mind making a low salary for about a year as long as I am learning and enjoying my experience. After a year, I will not settle until I feel I’m living comfortably. According to The Occupational Outlook Handbook, Marketing Managers had a median salary of $115,750 a year in 2012 (Summary, 2014). A salary like that would allow me to live more than comfortable, but I plan to be a busy young woman at work with hardly any time to spend those large checks.

Marketing in general is an intense job that requires lots of attention and hours in the office. According to U.S News, “marketing managers generally work more than 40 hours per week” and the stress is on overload when new products are set to come out (Castro, 2015).  The stress and excitement that comes along with preparing to reveal a brand or product to the world will keep me on my toes and enthusiastic towards my job. Also, a key objective of marketing is to sell a brand or clothing line to consumers. As I have learned during courses in City Tech, this job takes an extreme amount of persuasion and research on human behavior to accomplish the goals of marketing. The phycology aspect to marketing is extremely interesting to me and when combined with another passion of mine, fashion, will hold my interest and love during my career.

As I pursue my career as a fashion marketing manager, I believe that City Tech can help me get on the right track. City Tech has a group of advisors that are catering to the students’ needs everyday. Another reason I believe that City Tech is good for a fashion student like myself is because it is located in New York City. New York is the fashion capital of The United States of America, so theres almost no better city to find internships and make connections. City Tech also allows their fashion students to get “hands-on experience through field trips to fashion markets, showrooms and trade shows that enhance the overall learning experience” (City Tech, 2015).

To those interested in Fashion Marketing, do your research. Find out if the career characteristics fit your attitude and capabilities. Always read a colleges catalog and make sure that you reach out to other students with the same goals as you for help. Also, the staff at City Tech would be more than happy to give advice and guidance through your college career.

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Exploring city techs career in computer science technology by Ashley Perez

Ashley Perez

English 1101


I am Ashley Perez and I am a student who attends New York City College of Technology (city tech). My major is computer science technology (CST), which actually was not my choice. My first choice was to study dental hygiene; my family did not agree with that so they convinced me to switch to (CST).I was not too excited about this specific major in the beginning, but now I am warming up to the idea. I think this major will be good for me in the long run. To be honest city tech was not my first choice for school either but I settled and by the time I got in and saw the majors they were offering it was too late considering I was not at all pleased with any of them, so I improvised and said what is something I would not mind doing after I graduate for y career since my real goal is to be an actress anyway.

The reason I now think (CST) would be good for me is because the world is all about technology now. The world is not the way it used to be where if you wanted to apply for something like a job or a passport you went down to an office an filled out some papers everything is electronic now. My second reason for settling with my major is the way the economy is now; having that type of degree would always be beneficial for me. I would always have a lot of options. Another great reason for this major is I could build something that could last forever. My last reason is because my degree will allow me to work anywhere that deals with computers which nowadays is everywhere and not to mention I would have a great salary. Nowadays living in New York is pretty expensive, if you do not have a good career you could end up homeless, so I think salary plays a very important factor in choosing a good career.


Computer science is the study of software, hardware, and theoretical aspects of computing devices, along with the study of the application of computing in scientific, engineering, business, and other areas. Note that although programming is a part of computer science, it is only one part, and strong computer science programs require not only programming classes, but classes in other areas of computer science as well. Something I really do want to pursue with my major is data communications technician. Data communications technicians are responsible for the installation, testing, troubleshooting, and repair of data communication lines and computer equipment. They work with modems, terminals, lines and wires. Many data communications technicians can also work as telecommunications technicians, wireless communications technicians, and computer technicians.

A great reason (CST) is a great major because it gives you a chance to do something different in a variety of fields. When I first started considering this field I never really knew anything of what it entailed. I had no idea that it had so many different levels of the trade. This kind of profession will discourage you and have you reconsidering, but there are some benefits to it as well.

When I thought and considered my major I thought about the future and how advanced the world is becoming with computers. Not only is it good to have (CST) as a profession but with everything being the way it is now its all good to know your way around a computer. People that grew up in the dark ages have had to learn to adjust to the change of technology, no more paying bills in person, and if you want some customer service on a telephone you have to wait forever with a computer . So it is not like people have a choice in the matter , this is the new millennium where if people want to communicate there is no more writing letters, its texting and emailing. Computers were forced on us in a way since people survived for ages long before technology was invented.

The way the economy is now you have to be careful where you end up. There are rarely ever any jobs now. It is not like the ninety’s where there was always work in any field you wanted to. Also it is not as easy to get employed without some educational background; most businesses will not take an employee unless they have some experience and a degree.

After obtaining a degree in (CST) and you start working in the field, you will see how great the salary is. Salary’s for this filed vary but depending on which specific field you are in your salary could start from 59,800 to 102,000. That is another thing I considered while thinking about what should be my career choice, making absolutely sure that I a m financially stable.

In my opinion I think the way that city tech is preparing me for my future is giving me the same oppurtunities as everybody else. City tech catalog was able to give me information on my major that I was not to certain about. I did not that for my major I was going to have to take calculus, not until I saw the city tech college catalog. Knowing all the requirements needed for my major made me second guess if I even wanted to continue it.

If I was going to give anyone any advice or suggestions about pursing my major in particular I would tell them to do their research first, and to make sure that they were prepared for it. I would tell them to make sure it is something they actually want to do and do not mind working hard to obtain it. Computer science is a intellectual major, it could be non interesting to most people. There are not that many women in this field so it is also good to bring a little diversity into the field.







Exploring City Tech’s Hospitality Management and a Career in the Hotel Management by Tatiana Zhdanova


I was born and raised in Siberia (Russia). I studied in linguistic gymnasium and then went to Kuzbass State University, major Social Service and Tourism. I moved to USA 4.5 years ago.

As for now, I am currently working in hospitality management, but not in the field I want. I feel myself lucky because for 3 years I worked for one of the best hospitality group in New York City and it made me very proficient in networking, developed my organizational skills, and helped me to understand market and trends. After trying myself in nightlife and restaurant business, I have decided that now it is a perfect time to get an additional education in my major and try myself in the hotel management. Talking about the departments in hotel, I see myself as a Guest Service Agent or Concierge. In this assignment, I will mostly review Concierge as my potential career choice.

After considering all my options of continuing education and different institutions in New York City area, I made my choice towards New York City College of Technology. Founded in 1947, the Hospitality Management Department offers two internationally recognized degree programs for men and women seeking professional preparation for careers in Hospitality Management: a two-year lower-level program leading to the associate in applied science (AAS) degree; a four-year program leading to the bachelor of technology (BTech) degree. Students benefit from studying in small classes under the guidance of professional, industry-oriented faculty and learning in industry-standard facilities.

New York City is an unlimited resource to further enhance the dynamic and diversified course offerings. Students have opportunity to volunteer their time to enrich the department, the College and the community. College’s electives allow students to choose an area of focus and explore the multi-faceted world of hospitality management. The bachelor degree in Hospitality Management is an accredited program of the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA).

Students completing the baccalaureate degree will:

  • Demonstrate enhanced technical and managerial skills within the diverse curriculum offerings of Hotel and Resort Management Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts Travel and Tourism Food and Beverage Management Career and Technology Teacher Education
  • Develop an expertise within the hospitality management curriculum that will be further enhanced by courses in the College’s diverse liberal arts.
  • Research, analyze and evaluate industry changes and trends incorporating local, national and global perspectives.
  • Evaluate various service enterprises and the relationship between human resources management and the achievement of organizational objectives within the hospitality and services industries.
  • Synthesize knowledge, teamwork, interpersonal skills and an appreciation of both classroom and workplace diversity – crucial to managing and succeeding in today’s global marketplace.

Alumni have become accomplished as executive chefs, directors of housekeeping, human resources directors, food and beverage directors, restaurant owners, and district food service managers, directors of marketing and general managers. Students interested in a teaching career may take education courses in career and technical teacher education to become licensed to teach in New York State high school culinary arts programs such as Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP).

Observing hospitality industry from the view of event planning and coordination of the best venues in New York City, had taught me a lot.

But also it showed lots of pros and cons and unprofessionalism of the curtain individuals, who got their positions because of family or connections.

Talking about concierge job as my dream career, I want to describe the definition of this job and my skills more in this paragraph. In hotels or resorts, a concierge assists guests by performing various tasks such as making restaurant reservations, booking hotels, arranging for spa services, recommending nightlife hot spots, booking transportation (limousines, airplanes, boats, etc.), coordinating porter service (luggage assistance request), procuring of tickets to special events, and assisting with various travel arrangements and tours of local attractions. Concierge also assists with sending and receiving parcels. This job not necessary requires having degree in the hospitality management, but you need to know psychology, management and be very friendly. The main skills, that need to be present in successful concierge are: networking, ability to help, ability to make a quick decisions and work in the stressful environment, strong knowledge of the city landmarks, events and dining places, great customer service skills, team work, self-motivation, organizational skills along with the excellent management skills and determined in accomplishing or exceeding set matters.

I think, I am meeting almost all required skills, which can help me get this position and grow my professional skills with time and gaining experience. Now in luxury and boutique hotels there is a new type of concierge. For VIP guest’s hotel management can provide personal concierge. Previously a line of work specific to the hotel industry, personal concierge services have evolved into hyper-individualized services across broad range of industries. From domestic help and home contracting to fitness, pets, errand running, auto care, and even pregnancy, personal concierge services can be tailored to suit any number of individual needs.

Assistants can do it, but nowadays hotel owners are bringing guest service on totally new level. It is more about one-to-one service, maximizing time for completing any request. At the start concierge is getting regular salary and bonuses. But it is very high chance of extra tipping from clients. Additionally, good concierge is getting deals from the venues he/she has business with. Extra tickets, menu tasting, presentations are only small compensations concierge can get from operating the daily tasks. Concierge services are definitely a differentiator. They’re a particularly good way to demonstrate a firm’s quality to existing clients, who will likely remember, when a planner went out of the way to help them. There is also smile management. Make client feels welcomed is one of the keys in being successful concierge.

I am very exciting to get knowledge in the field. I know that it will help me to provide better service and be more proficient at my job. Combination of already existing experience and being educated in the hospitality management will help me to achieve the desire results. I always believe in big role of education and I think, having both (international and USA) degrees will increase my chances to get to the level of management, that I am looking for. Hopefully, New York City Tech is a right school and base for this journey.


x_0c679054 image6 image5 image1


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Exploring City Tech’s Electrical Engineering Technology at City Tech and a Career in Electrical Engineering by Justin Echevarria

My name is Justin Echevarria. I am currently a undergraduate at CUNY’s New York City College of Technology (City Tech). I came to this college because they offered me my current major Electrical Engineering Technology. I believe this career path is best suitable for me because I am very skilled in the mathematics and physics which is required, when I took my first physics course I was always fascinated with electricity and the circuitry. Also I am still debating if one day I too can become a professor and pass on my knowledge to the future generation(s). I will state what is required to become a professional electrical engineer, explain what City Tech has to offer that will not only help me, but the opportunities they have to offer. I will explain the median annual salary that will lead me to where I want to be in the future. In order for me to achieve my goal I must always remain focused, learn the ropes of becoming more professional, building more responsibility, and gaining the knowledge that was provided and use it for the everyday work place in my vicinity.

Responsibility is probably the most important asset because when I am in the field doing a job people expect and trust me to know what I am doing. With that being said if I do not have full responsibility and exactly know what I am doing I am putting many people at risk by allowing them to go into an area that is not safe for their wellbeing. Although I will not be able to get hands on experience now I will be allowed to when I am in my third semester. There are other ways to become more responsible without hands on work and that is what my EET professors test my intelligence in the class by giving my peers test and projects. In the projects the professor gives us a design or we have to design a circuit and he will question and ask us what will happen if something went wrong with it. The question can be about anything that is relevant to the class or it can be something that is the complete opposite.

Growing up my father has always taught me to become a determined person. With that being said, I grew up thinking about my future and what I wanted to do as a longer term career. Before graduating high school I felt as if I needed to figure out what exactly what I wanted to do before getting into college, so I decided to think about what am are my academic skills, what do I enjoy doing etc. I was in my senior year when I was taking a remedial physics course and we had finally taken the topic of electricity and as I was learning it I realized that I enjoyed it. I started doing some research on my own that way I would know more or less what I am getting myself into, and everything seemed reasonable enough for me so thats when I decided this is exactly what I want to do. I have a family friend thats actually is a supervisor for Con Edison, she was able to help me with further information that will help me and they do look for internships within this major. According to the City Tech’s catalog, “The Electrical Engineering Technology program is designed to prepare graduates for careers as electronic technician. The curriculum includes a balanced distribution of lecture and laboratory courses which provide an introduction to the design and development of basic electronic circuits. (City Tech p.267)” In other words City Tech is allowing me to gain the experience of basic hands on work in my field as well as I am taught through verbal lecture(s) which prepares me for future careers. On the City Tech catalog “Employers of the graduates of this program include a variety companies such as Con Edison, IBM, ITT, Avaya, USPS, NYPD, MTA, JPMorgan Chase and Verizon. (City Tech p.267)”  Although these are major well known companies there are other companies that I can possibly work for and even though I am not really learning anything new I am gaining the best knowledge that can be given such as experience.

As I was looking for a future career median salary was one of the most important things I had to look into. The Occupational Outlook Handbook states, “The median annual wage for electrical engineers was $87,920 in May 2012. The median wage is the wage half the workers in an occupation earned more than that amount  and half earned less. (Web)” With this being said I can look to finish paying my college debt off, possibly go back into college to further my career and/or invest small amounts and as profit comes in invest that to keep earning more money. This isn’t only about money because I do plan to enjoy what I do for the rest of my life, but if I am given the chance to do something that can further my career and I can get into another field I will do it. It’ll be a joy for me if I can do other “hobbies” outside of my field or even connected while still mastering my own.

Before becoming an electrical engineer theres the obvious process of education that you must go through. According to the Outlook HandBook, “Entry-level jobs in electrical or electronics engineering generally require a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, electronics engineering, or electrical engineering technology. Programs include classroom, laboratory, and field studies. Courses included digital systems design, differential equations, and electrical circuit accredited by ABET.”  As a student of New York City College of Technology I am exposed to all these requirements as well as unpaid and/or paid internships. City Tech is great because they inform and try to include all students to join internships for more outside hands on work. Many requirements on the electrical engineering field is not only just understanding the concept of how electricity functions, but do have hands on experience. Hands on experience is important because it is a different style of teaching. For example, I can tell someone how to read the current flowing through a circuit, but when someone actually does it for the first time hands on some people may not really understand what is going or what they are doing. This brings up the method WOVEN (Written, Oral, Verbal, Electronic, and Non Verbal) is not only multiple ways of communication, but it allows others to gain a different approach on what they are doing.

I have decided coming to NYC College of Technology was my best fit because they have to offer the program Electrical Engineering Technology. I do plan on staying at City Tech because I believe I can benefit from this school, it has multiple things to offer and is well connected with numerous electrical companies. I have explained what are the requirements to enter my professional field and I am excited of what I can do when I excel in my academic career and begin my long term career.


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Exploring City Tech’s Computer Engineer Technology and Mechatronic

Exploring City Tech’s Computer Engineer Technology and Mechatronic

Let me introduce myself, my name is Victor Ambuludi and I am from Ecuador. My current age is 22, and since I was a kid I liked math and everything that involves it. This is one of the reasons why I choose my major which is Mechatronic Engineer, so how did I get know about this career? Well, long story short, when I was in high school my favorite subjects were math, physics, and economics. However, I did not know what major to choose when I get into college, so one night I saw a documentary about rare (almost anybody hear about them) and well-paid jobs, and this was the first time I just heard about mechatronic engineer. This career is very similar (or equally) to the one that I am studying right now which is Computer engineer technology at City Tech. This major is the best for me because it will help to develop and innovate new technology, be a multidisciplinary professional that understand many fields of technology, and recognize and go deeply in technology in general.
What is Mechatronic engineer? According to an official website about this major, “Mechatronic engineers design and maintain machinery with electronic and computer control systems, such as aircraft, robots, motor vehicles, cameras, power generators and mining and chemical plant machinery” which means that this major involves many disciplines such as mechanics, electronics, and computer software in order to make a product or maintain a fabric. As I mentioned before this major is related to Computer engineer technology which is the major that I am studying at City College of Technology (City Tech). Furthermore, in the Computer Engineer Technology major, I studied some subjects that actually are required for Mechatronics Engineer such as electrical circuits, mechanisms, digital control, physics, and mathematics, and according to the City Tech online catalog for this major, “students are taught the fundamentals of electrical and mechanical technology, computer hardware, software, data communications, and networking.” If you ask me, this definition is very similar to the mechatronic one except for the chemistry part. In addition, this major has to do with robotics which is one of my passions. Moreover, this major has a very well-paid according to a source about this topic, “Full-time employed Mechatronic Engineer earns an average of $1905 per week. The average annual salary for this job is $99,060 excluding super.” This is good news for my pocket because I will not only work because I like my job, also, I will earn a good salary. Furthermore, I will explain in detail other reasons why I like this major.


IMG_4326 IMG_4342


Computer Engineer Technology is a major that I have to constantly update my knowledge every day and keep searching for new technology, which means that even after I graduated I have to seek innovation and create new technology for the future. For example, smart houses or automatic houses in where you can control your entire home with just a remote control and as an article said “you’ll be able to control … the thermostat, changing the channel on TV, and getting notifications that your laundry is ready all without leaving your couch.” This is means that a person can control everything with just a click. Also, there will be smart robots that are going to perform tedious tasks for people such as assembling cars for industries, and redundant activities such as packing products such as juice or food. Furthermore, robots will be smarter as a consequence of the artificial intelligence which can help the robot to perform more complex activities, and as an article mentions “robots will perform surgery on humans while being controlled by a doctor and a technician.” This is how technologically advanced will be the robots in the future. Overall, this major encourages me to discover new inventions and technology as the time goes forward, and it connects me on what is going in on in the modern world.


IMG_4362      IMG_4360


Another reason why I like this major is because computer engineer technology is a multidisciplinary career. As I explained before, a multidisciplinary major combines or integrates many elements of engineering such as mechanical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, optics and computer science, and since there is a broad field there is more chance to find a job in those fields that I previously mentioned. According to a website the job rate is increasing during the last few years “5% for mechanical engineers; 4% for electronic engineers.” In addition, this major prepares me to be a multitask person since I will be able to study many fields of engineering at the same time, and lead in different types of branches in a company that involves these activities.

This major is convenient for me because I like to be curious and analyze different aspects about technology specifically about robotics. As I mentioned before, I was really passionate about robots, moreover, I was really interesting in how the technology works. When I was a kid, I used to watch a television show which the name I cannot recall in where many types of robots fight each other. I remember one that had a hammer as a weapon and another robot had a chainsaw in order to cut other robots. I was really fascinating by this technology and I always wandered on how the robots move, and how can be controlled. This major gives me the opportunity to explore in details the mechanism of these artifacts such as electrical circuits and their proper functionality and the science behind all the technology that is currently displaying in the modern era.


IMG_4400 robot2 robot4 working hard and be curious

In summary, The New York City College of technology (CityTech) is preparing me to able to discover and understand this major which is attached to a multidisciplinary technology by offering many job opportunities in this major which is Computer Engineer Technology. For example, some professor in my major department advice many students to be able to participate in internships during summer time, also, most of the times there are flyers that offer the same opportunities in jobs such as programming and technical assistance in computers. Moreover, there are clubs related to these topics such as the mechatronic club and the robotics clubs in the Voorhees building that discuss and teach many students about robotic and designing. In addition, there are some research programs about robotic that last 2 years. Overall, CityTech is helping me to develop myself as a professional in this career with so many options that offers that I mentioned before. At the end of my major, I expect to work for a company that designs robots such as Honeybee robotics or innovating new technology in companies such as Microsoft or Apple.

IMG_4354 IMG_4388 IMG_4395

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Exploring City Tech’s Liberal Arts of the Arts and a Career in Acting

Jordan Clinkscales

Professor Ellis

ENG 1101

11 May 2015


Hi, my name is Jordan Clinkscales and I am a student at The New York City College Of Technology (City Tech). My major currently is Liberal Arts of the Arts, but I plan on transferring to a University when these two years are up to receive the Associate’s Degree. As, of right now I do not have a deciding college to transfer to, however, it will be out of state. The specific career I plan to have in the future is an acting career and surprisingly the Liberal Arts program gives me many options and many opportunities I can think of.

               “An associate in arts degree from the School of Liberal Arts and Arts is a stepping stone to further education.  It provides strong academic preparation emphasizing communication, and analytical and critical thinking skills.” (www.citytech.cuny.edu, 2015).  When applying to City Tech, my choice of major was Liberal Arts of the Arts. I chose this specific major because I knew I would be able to take many courses that would be the foundation of any career path I plan to take in the future. The study within the Liberal Arts provides the necessary skills any person would need in life. Analyzing is not only a skill but it creates a sense of generalization that oneself can relate to. “Critical Thinking is the mental process of analyzing or evaluating information. ‘To reason’ is the capacity for rational thought, or to think logically.” (www.essentiallifeskills.net, 2015).   I say without the use of logic the world we know now would be in utter chaos, meaning that hysteria would be at an all time high. There are many types of communication but it is a necessity. Communication is necessary only because without communication, a person wouldn’t be able to do most things and besides communication influences your thinking about yourself and others. The program here at City Tech provides the key components to at least having a future to look forward to.

The Liberal Arts program is very similar to Hospitality Management because it’s a major that’s rather broad and can land you in any field of work. The programs’ aspects are a stepping-stone to prepare you for the “real world” and higher education.

“A wide variety of careers are available to students who complete a Liberal Studies major. LIS graduates find entry into careers in business, government, and social service agencies like adult and family services, criminal justice, and health and welfare. Some Liberal Studies majors combine this study with teacher training programs at either the undergraduate or graduate level to become K-12 educators; others find this interdisciplinary major appropriate for graduate studies in law.” (www.uis.edu, 2015).

Acting is the best career for me because I’ve always felt like I was only able to live a fast-paced lifestyle. The fast-paced lifestyle being just constant traveling, moving, jumping from scene to scene and having an increasingly tight schedule. Ever since I was young I’ve always had an interest in going into the entertainment field. There’s nothing wrong with having a regular “nine to five” job, but I knew for sure It wouldn’t be something fit for me. The art of acting is much harder than expected. When it comes to acting, it’s very hard and sort of stressful to be deemed as “Believable”, audience engaging and becoming his or hers character that they are portraying. Most people believe that it is a natural talent and that you need to have the gift of acting in order to act in TV or films or even commercial prints. According to Jason Bennett “It was once thought that the ingredients of amazing acting were inexplicable and could not be taught. But during the last 20 years, huge advances have been made in actor training and many of the ingredients are clear. If you find one of the rare great acting classes, you can cultivate many of these qualities in yourself with profound results. a free-flow of emotions and impulses expressed in the body and voice; an understanding of how to create life-and-death, moment-to-moment acting; a vivid imagination; and a body and voice capable of telling all kinds of stories.”(www.jbactors.com, 2015). It’s amazing how time has changed and people are able to take classes and develop acting skills. All it takes now is to have the determination, dedication and will power to be content with journey to success. As said before, about the skills that the Liberal Arts major develops helps because a lot of skills are needed in acting but to make it in the business side of acting, is where the development within the Liberal Arts program comes into play.


When I first broke out into the industry, I was graced and honored with a group interview with other amateur actors to meet with Beth Littleford, best known for her mom role as Ellen Jennings in the Disney sitcom “Dog With A Blog”. Basically she sat down with us and we were able to ask her questions about the industry. I was able to ask a couple of questions but one I really needed to be answered was “How does one become successful in acting”? She replied by saying, “It’s not really difficult to becoming a successful actor but key components is having a mind of your own, communication skills, creativity and a positive attitude.” To me I thought it was a bit cliché of her to answer the way she did, but It made me think that if it keeps repeating It must be true.

11245229_918039574926101_1929751412_n                                            11225989_918039598259432_1733422756_n

I would be great for this career because not only I’m extremely creative but I think rather quickly on my feet, especially under pressure. In acting, sometimes you’re obligated to use improv. Improv being “created and performed spontaneously or without preparation.” (www.Google,2015).  Thinking on my feet is something I have developed over the years. I started acting in plays in elementary school but it wasn’t until High School when i was asked to join Mock trial for not only my public speaking ability but for my experience in acting as well. A Mock Trial is an imitation of either a real trial or a trial that could possibly happen in the real world. It really depends on what trial you’re given. As portraying a plaintiff lawyer, I needed to be able to make objections and have a subtle but quick rebuttal to the opposing teams responses to objections as well. Being able to act has always been a dream of mine and I will do whatever it takes to make it in the profession. It’s great to take almost any opportunity out there that involves the chance to act, even if it’s a little bit. Developing the skills and making them perfect may take a while, however when you keep working at anything you’ll soon be not only happy but responsible for the outcome.

By attending The New York City College of Technology and taking up the program of Liberal Arts, I’m being prepared in many different ways and being provided with the necessary skills I’d need to have in life. There’s no guarantee on whether or not everyone can make their dream come true, but with the ability to gather the fundamentals first and begin a foundation to whatever career you choose to have in the future will be worthwhile. And at City Tech I am getting everything I need to begin.

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Exploring City Tech’s Marketing Management and Sales and Career in Business by Jennifer Garcia

My name is Jennifer Garcia. I am a student attending the New York City College of Technology (City Tech). Lately, I have been reflecting on my major which is Marketing Management and Sales. I plan to manage my own business in the field of cosmetology, most likely a hair salon, which will eventually be my minor. This is the best career for me because I am very responsible, can handle the pressure of management very well, and I can be a great leader. In order to succeed in this career, I will need to take a few necessary steps. I will need to learn from my experiences from working retail and learn to handle bigger and more serious responsibilities. . By taking these steps, I will be able to pursue in this major successfully.

According to the City Tech Catalog, Marketing Management and Sales is a career for students who are able to “facilitate the exchange of goods and services in the global marketplace” (City Tech 125). In other words, one in this major would need to handle business coming and going all around the world. In this major, students learn how to be prepared for business opportunities in this highly competitive world and how to obtain a career in professional selling and advertising. After graduating with a degree in Marketing Management and Sales, some career options are “General Foods Corporation, New York Life Insurance Company, TD Bank, New York City Transit Authority, and Sprint” (City Tech 125). Specifically, I would like to learn how to manage a business so that I may one day open my own business.

IMG_5944                IMG_0307

Being responsible is an important asset to have if I want to succeed in this major. A marketing managers duties can be accomplished by a single member of a team or as a group responsibility. Key responsibilities vary but may include “developing guidelines, making customer focused decisions, and managing budgets” (“The Role of Marketing Manager” 2). Developing guidelines come easy to me because I have always taken the role of a team leader. For example, I help my manager when it comes down to building the staff schedules. Another requirement to become a marketing manager is excellent customer service skills. This is needed to make customer focused decisions. This is a role that I currently take on at my job because I am in charge of placing orders based on what customers look for. One final responsibility is managing budgets. Currently at my job, I am in charge of paying all of my coworkers. This is a duty that I practice already, which prepares me for the future. These are just some of the many responsibilities of being a marketing manager.

Another reason that I feel that this career suits me best is because I do very well under pressure. When dealing with customers at my job, sometimes they tend to get impatient or the store gets very busy at one time. During situations like these, our brains tend to go into “fight or flight” mode. In other words, we either deal with the problem or try to run away from them. I have always been a fighter and at a time like this, I know how to keep calm. I try to help as many people as I can while being able to still divide my attention evenly. Also, I communicate with my customers to let them know it is busy and someone will help them shortly. A lot of people do not do well under pressure which can stress themselves out. Although sometimes work may be a bit stressful, handling the pressure is vital to becoming a successful marketing manager. Also, the key to remaining calm under pressure is trying to concentrate on one problem at a time and trying not to become overwhelmed by too many different situations. William James, leader of the philosophical movement, once said, “The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another” (“William James” 1). This has always stayed in my mind because if we handle things one at a time, we can conquer stressing ourselves out after they have all accumulated. This skill is what distinguishes an employee with manager potential from all the other employees.

Finally, great leadership is essential to creating a successful management. A leader is someone who leads or commands a group of people. I believe that leadership is a natural quality that I carry because there have been several situations where I have had to take control. On many occasions, I had to take on the role of my manager whenever he was unavailable. Also, on group projects at school I am always the facilitator whose responsibilities are “moderates team discussion, keeps the group on task, and distributes work” (“Possible Roles on Teams” 1). Keeping people on task is one of my strong suits because I like when things are done correctly and in order because it prevents bigger mistakes from happening. These habits are shown through the work I do at school as well.
City Tech has prepared me for my career in a few different ways. The overwhelming loads of work that this college gives to the students helps me to manage my time correctly and organize all of my assignments. If I want to pass all of my classes, I need to distribute my time evenly as well as organize and complete my assignments on time. The stress of the immense amount of work from all different classes puts a lot of pressure on students and a lot of them end up dropping out or decide not to hand in all of their assignments. However, City Tech taught me how to handle all this pressure which is vital if I want to pursue in my career as a marketing manager.

I am convinced, through a lot of thought and research, that this is the perfect career for me. I think that I have the assets that this position will require and I can go very far from here. My current retail experience and City Tech have both helped me prepare myself for what I am getting myself into and I am ready for what the future will hold.

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Exploring City Tech’s Communication Design and Career in Game Design by Shen LeCheng

My name is Shen, a freshmen at the New York City College of Technology. There’s currently two major I want to pursue, Communication Design and Accounting. It is very hard for me to decide since I find both majors very suitable for me. However, after taking the time to consider what is better for me, I decided to pick Communication Design. The reason why I choose this major is because of my passions for video games. I always been a big fan of video games ever since I was little. It is amazing how designers can develop interesting stories and 3-D animated or realistic characters that attracts our attentions. As time passes, I realized that I want to become a Game Designer because of my passions for video games. In the career field, video games is one of the world’s fastest growing industries, it contribute billions of dollars to U.S economy each year. In other words, there will be tons of opportunities in the Communication Design field. Besides that, what is better than turning your passion into a career you love? Plus I am a gamer myself too, which allows me to gather information and create something that will attracts the players. More importantly, I want the opportunity to create my own game. Therefore I believe this will be the best career for me. In order for me to succeed in this major, I need to cultivate conceptual thinking, creativity, and collaborative skills.

In New York City College of Technology, the department offer a two-year foundation to all students. “We offer a two-year foundation to give students a strong base in visual expression and communication.” (Biehl, par.3) The main task of the program is to prepare students to contribute in the field of advertising and design by cultivating conceptual thinking, creativity and collaborative skills. The program have the basic courses such as; drawing, design, color, typography, and photography. The important part is taking those courses and learn from it so that I can use the knowledge to succeed in the game design field. For this career, I learn that it deals with thinking critically and creatively to solve visual communication problems and develop multiple viable solutions to design problems. According to City College of Technology’s Catalog, The career options for Communication Design are “Advertising design graphic design, web design broadcast design/motion graphics or animation/illustration/game design graphics and explore the multi-faceted world of communication design.”(City Tech, par.1) As the options are listed above, there will be a lot options to choose from. After I graduate at City College of Technology, I want to become a Game Designer.

First, the reason why I think this is the best career for me is because I am the type of person that can think really far and deep. In other words, making the right decision, making smart choices, and planning ahead to achieve the optimum outcome. Therefore using Conceptual thinking can benefit me in this career field because it allows me to perceive and imagine, predict, hypothesize, conclude, and reflect. Also, I understand the importance of visual information such as pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words and it is a better way for people to learn. Sometimes when we learn things through words, it becomes difficult to understand. Of course, there’s still a lot of things I still need to learn such as how things are associated and connected. By using the visioning tools and demonstrate use of them, it showed me how things are connected and associated. “We do love learning and we’re good at it, but it is often frustrating in the real world because you don’t always get to go at the pace you want to go and often don’t immediately see the application of what you’re doing.” (Stuart, par.7) To understand things, we have to control the pace of learning so that we can take in all the information to something our brain will understand.

The second reason why this is the best career is because I am a gamer myself. I basically learned most of my English by playing video games through communicating with the other players online. “With games, learning is the drug.” (Koster, par.3) In other words, video games made learning fun and much easier for our brain to take in information. Games are fun because they teach us interesting things and they do it in a way that our brains prefer through system. It is my dream to have a job that is related to video games. Making games is still work, but work can be fun and it is hugely important to try to find something you are just satisfied doing every day. “Games allow us to create these little systems where learning is controlled and taken advantage of really brilliantly.” (Robertson, par.7) We can learn things better because we are learning in a system which allows our brain to absorb the information better. Therefore, I believe this will be the best career for me.



As I stated in the previous paragraph, it is my dream to have a job that is related to video games. I want to be able to create amazing games such as League of Legend, Call of Duty and World of Warcraft. When it comes to trying new games, I can tell which is a good game is and which is not. In order word, I am just a really experienced gamer. What attracts the people to play video games are the ones that provide us with interesting tools such as weapons or magic or surprise events. “Games give you a space where you have power.” (Robertson, par.10) It allow players to do something they can’t do in real life. Therefore, it makes them feel like they have the power, and it is a reason that attracts people to play video games. Overall, games must have something to capture our attention. However, I believe I will be successful at this career field because as an experienced game player, I understand what it takes to make a good game. Therefore, this is the best career for me as it gives me the opportunity to create my own game.

In New York City College of Technology, It offers a lot of courses that will prepare me to become a designer. The department provides course such as drawing, design, color, typography. “Courses will prepare students to meet the challenges of the profession: senior project, portfolio, the design team and an internship.” (City Tech, par.1) By taking these course it will help me develop conceptual thinking, creativity and collaborative skills which will lead to becoming a designer. New York City College of Technology also notify me when there’s internship opportunities, which I fell really thankful. Being an internship is really important because you get to experience what Communication Designers will be doing, and it prepares you in the future when you graduate. New York City College of Technology also help me enhance my skills such as thinking critically and creatively to solve visual communication problems and multiple viable solutions to design problems to prepare me for the future.

As you can see, New York City College of Technology prepares me for my future. It provides everything I will need for Communication Design. For those who have a strong passion for video games like me, I believe this is the best career option for you because this is a job where you can design games, characters, graphics, modeling, and more. Basically it is fun every day at work. However, things will get complicated as you advance, I recommend to you guys to have the basic skills such as drawing, design, color, typography and photography so that it can give you a strong base in visual expression and communication.

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Exploring City Tech’s Architectural Technology and a Career in Interior Architecture by Onica Leitch-Edinboro

Onica Leitch-Edinboro
Professor Jason Ellis
English1101 D340
11 May 2015

2015-05-08 12.15.25My name is Onica Leitch-Edinboro. I am a student at the New York City College of Technology (City Tech) and I am majoring in Architectural Technology with the ultimate goal of becoming an Interior Architect. I believe that this is the best career for me, because I have always wanted to be an Interior Architect, Interior Architecture is an upper middle-income paying job, Interior Architecture has a wide range of professions, and in a career in Interior Architecture will allow me to create designs for interior spaces for building as needed.Capture13 In addition, I am a very creative designer, who thinks outside the box. Also, I am a very dedicated, reliable, and hard working person, who is determined to be one of the best Interior Architects in the world. In this essay, I will discuss the following: road map.

When I was younger, I lived in Guyana, and it was there that I decided to become an Interior Architect. When I made that decision, I called my father, who lived in the United States at that time, and I asked him, “What do I need to do to pursue, an Interior Architecture career?” He advised me to go to Guyana’s, Government Technical Institute, and find out what information they had on the study of Architecture, gather that information, and study it, which I did.

In my first year at Guyana’s, Government Technical Institute, some of my architect instructors advised me to attend and complete the University Of Guyana’s six-year architecture graduate program. Had I not done that, it would have permitted me to attain my architect licensure. Unfortunately, Guyana was not the place for me to finish pursuing architecture, because my father decided to move me to the United States.

On my arrival to the United States, flashes of my destiny had appeared to me, I saw myself graduating from a university, and from that instant I knew that being in America, here In New York, is where I needed to be.

A few days after, I started to do some research on the different colleges that were offering the Architectural Technology Program here in New York. Out of the few colleges that I have checked out online, City Tech was my best option. Furthermore, I decided to research the City Tech profoundly, because I wanted to have a keen understanding of what their Architectural Technology program is about, which led me to the City Tech Catalog. 1According to City Tech Catalog, “The Architectural Technology program is a four-year Bachelor of Technology Program and a two-year associate degree program.” It goes in to state that, “This Architectural Technology program, educates students to assist the architect and perform at a high level in design, contract documents and the construction stages of a building project. “ In addition, City Tech’s Catalog explains that, “The pre-professional program familiarizes students with up to date architectural office practices and procedures including computer-aided design and drafting.” Moreover, it states, “Studio work gives the students the opportunity to develop their talents by participating in various architectural projects from inception to final drawings and models.” After reading City Tech Catalog, I was pleased, and I have chosen to further my Architectural Technology Studies, here at City Tech College.

2015-05-07 11.24.082015-05-07 11.21.45

During my Architecture Technology two-year associate degree program, at City Tech, I learned how to manipulate the software programs that are required for that major. The required software programs include AutoCAD, Rhino, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Revit. Also, I learned how to design portfolios, buildings and building’s drawings. In addition, I developed my skill at hand drafting, which includes, drawing prospective views, axonometric views, floor plans, elevations, and sections. Additionally, I learned how to manually design and make concept models, and how to use the same ideas for replication using AutoCAD, Rhino, and laser cut software. Moreover, I learned the techniques of how to plan and develop sites for projects of all kinds. However, in order for me to acquire a bachelor’s degree in Architecture Technology, I gain a deeper understanding of these topics and perform more complicated workflows than I discuss above.

Attaining a degree in Architecture Technology, at City Tech will qualify me for some great career options. According to City Tech Catalog, architecture graduates will be qualify for the positions of “Architectural technician, CAD drafter, architecture renderer, architectural maker, manufacturer’s representative, assistant specifications writer and clerk of the work.”

After I have graduated from the New York City College of Technology (City Tech), I would like to pursue a Master degree in Interior Architecture at New York City College. Also, I will own my Architecture firm as an elite designer, and to create more job opportunities for students who are seeking career in Interior Architecture. As for now, I will use the knowledge that I have achieved from City Tech to apply for internships with building construction agencies, government’s agencies, and earn enough money to start saving for my future goals. However, the Architecture career article online states, “Many of the new graduates from architecture design schools go to work for specialized firms, while some work for residential or nonresidential building construction agencies. Others go to work for the government, taking jobs in bureaus that deal with the development of housing and communities.”

Being an Architect was my childhood dream, because I have been fascinated with buildings designs. In fact, I have always been captivated with anything to do with architectural designs. Also, it is something that I have strongly developed a passion for, and it is something that I know I will excel in.

Cost of living is expensive, therefore money is essential in life. However, I need enough money to get through life. Moreover, with me having a career in Interior Architecture, which is an upper middle-income paying job, I will earn on an average, ninety-one thousand per year. According to Interior Architect Salary in New York, NY, on an average year, Interior Architects make “$91,000.”

Having a profession as an Interior Architect is a great career choice for me, because as an Interior Architect, I would not have to be too concerned about finding a job that focus only on interior designing. Interior Architect Salary in New York, NY, declares that the traditional professions of an interior architect include “Architect, Construction Manager, and Industrial Designer. Also, it states that interior architect professions include Landscape Architect, Urban Planner and Developer, and Interior Architecture Expert.” Moreover, Interior Architect Salary in New York, NY explains that are other interior architect related jobs, which can include,” Principal or professor in an architectural design school, Architecture critic, Architecture photographer, Real estate project manager, and Civil engineering.”

Whenever we think of buildings, or to design buildings, we have to think of the room spaces that would be suitable for the specific purposes. As an Interior Architect, it would be my responsibility to incorporate the right kind of spaces throughout the interior of buildings, which will meet the clients’ expectation. I say this because some buildings maybe constructed without having the desired interior room spaces for the client, as a result, they may not serve the purposes of the client. Given from A Conceptual Overview of the Interior Architecture Students’ Project Works, Introduction,” Today, it has been understood that the spaces even from the early times have been used as a means for our activities, and that they begin to serve for different purposes, and thus the concept of interior space has gained more significance than ever.”

2015-05-09 18.08.01Obtaining a degree in Architectural Technology prepares me to get a job at firms such as “Davis/Brody Architects, The Dormitory Authority of the States of New York, Gwathmey Siegel, HOK, Skidmore Owings and Merrill.” Also, prepares me to get job at firms such as “Michael Lynn Associates, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and New York City Department of Parks.” Moreover, at firms such as” Robert, A.M. Stern Architects, U.S. Government Corps of Engineers, Walker Group, Peter Brooks Associates (England), Heier & Monse Architects (Germany) and Christian Moreau Architects (France).”

For those of you whom might be interested in Architecture Technology major or a career in Interior Architecture, City Tech is the perfect place for you. To gather more information on City Tech, you can go to New York City College of Technology (City Tech) Catalog on line or you can visit the school’s location, NAMM Building, at 300 Jay Street, Brooklyn, New York. Under the City Tech Catalog, make sure to look under the heading of “Architectural Technology” and for the present year you would like to start. In addition, some websites that will inform you more about a career in Interior Architecture are http://www.architecturecareer.net/interior-architects/jobs.html and http://library.citytech.cuny.edu/.

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