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Exploring City Tech’s Computer Engineer Technology and Mechatronic

Exploring City Tech’s Computer Engineer Technology and Mechatronic

Let me introduce myself, my name is Victor Ambuludi and I am from Ecuador. My current age is 22, and since I was a kid I liked math and everything that involves it. This is one of the reasons why I choose my major which is Mechatronic Engineer, so how did I get know about this career? Well, long story short, when I was in high school my favorite subjects were math, physics, and economics. However, I did not know what major to choose when I get into college, so one night I saw a documentary about rare (almost anybody hear about them) and well-paid jobs, and this was the first time I just heard about mechatronic engineer. This career is very similar (or equally) to the one that I am studying right now which is Computer engineer technology at City Tech. This major is the best for me because it will help to develop and innovate new technology, be a multidisciplinary professional that understand many fields of technology, and recognize and go deeply in technology in general.
What is Mechatronic engineer? According to an official website about this major, “Mechatronic engineers design and maintain machinery with electronic and computer control systems, such as aircraft, robots, motor vehicles, cameras, power generators and mining and chemical plant machinery” which means that this major involves many disciplines such as mechanics, electronics, and computer software in order to make a product or maintain a fabric. As I mentioned before this major is related to Computer engineer technology which is the major that I am studying at City College of Technology (City Tech). Furthermore, in the Computer Engineer Technology major, I studied some subjects that actually are required for Mechatronics Engineer such as electrical circuits, mechanisms, digital control, physics, and mathematics, and according to the City Tech online catalog for this major, “students are taught the fundamentals of electrical and mechanical technology, computer hardware, software, data communications, and networking.” If you ask me, this definition is very similar to the mechatronic one except for the chemistry part. In addition, this major has to do with robotics which is one of my passions. Moreover, this major has a very well-paid according to a source about this topic, “Full-time employed Mechatronic Engineer earns an average of $1905 per week. The average annual salary for this job is $99,060 excluding super.” This is good news for my pocket because I will not only work because I like my job, also, I will earn a good salary. Furthermore, I will explain in detail other reasons why I like this major.


IMG_4326 IMG_4342


Computer Engineer Technology is a major that I have to constantly update my knowledge every day and keep searching for new technology, which means that even after I graduated I have to seek innovation and create new technology for the future. For example, smart houses or automatic houses in where you can control your entire home with just a remote control and as an article said “you’ll be able to control … the thermostat, changing the channel on TV, and getting notifications that your laundry is ready all without leaving your couch.” This is means that a person can control everything with just a click. Also, there will be smart robots that are going to perform tedious tasks for people such as assembling cars for industries, and redundant activities such as packing products such as juice or food. Furthermore, robots will be smarter as a consequence of the artificial intelligence which can help the robot to perform more complex activities, and as an article mentions “robots will perform surgery on humans while being controlled by a doctor and a technician.” This is how technologically advanced will be the robots in the future. Overall, this major encourages me to discover new inventions and technology as the time goes forward, and it connects me on what is going in on in the modern world.


IMG_4362      IMG_4360


Another reason why I like this major is because computer engineer technology is a multidisciplinary career. As I explained before, a multidisciplinary major combines or integrates many elements of engineering such as mechanical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, optics and computer science, and since there is a broad field there is more chance to find a job in those fields that I previously mentioned. According to a website the job rate is increasing during the last few years “5% for mechanical engineers; 4% for electronic engineers.” In addition, this major prepares me to be a multitask person since I will be able to study many fields of engineering at the same time, and lead in different types of branches in a company that involves these activities.

This major is convenient for me because I like to be curious and analyze different aspects about technology specifically about robotics. As I mentioned before, I was really passionate about robots, moreover, I was really interesting in how the technology works. When I was a kid, I used to watch a television show which the name I cannot recall in where many types of robots fight each other. I remember one that had a hammer as a weapon and another robot had a chainsaw in order to cut other robots. I was really fascinating by this technology and I always wandered on how the robots move, and how can be controlled. This major gives me the opportunity to explore in details the mechanism of these artifacts such as electrical circuits and their proper functionality and the science behind all the technology that is currently displaying in the modern era.


IMG_4400 robot2 robot4 working hard and be curious

In summary, The New York City College of technology (CityTech) is preparing me to able to discover and understand this major which is attached to a multidisciplinary technology by offering many job opportunities in this major which is Computer Engineer Technology. For example, some professor in my major department advice many students to be able to participate in internships during summer time, also, most of the times there are flyers that offer the same opportunities in jobs such as programming and technical assistance in computers. Moreover, there are clubs related to these topics such as the mechatronic club and the robotics clubs in the Voorhees building that discuss and teach many students about robotic and designing. In addition, there are some research programs about robotic that last 2 years. Overall, CityTech is helping me to develop myself as a professional in this career with so many options that offers that I mentioned before. At the end of my major, I expect to work for a company that designs robots such as Honeybee robotics or innovating new technology in companies such as Microsoft or Apple.

IMG_4354 IMG_4388 IMG_4395

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Becoming the best version of myself by Victor Ambuludi



I always ask myself what is the main purpose of anything specially when I do homeworks, projects or quizzes because there is more than just grade, there is learning which is more important than anything. For this project, in my opinion, the main purpose is to self-reflect about ourselves and what do we (students) have construct our future which means following certain steps in order to accomplish our desire goals. There is nothing more important to think about our future and to become a better person every day.



Part 1: Thinking in Writing

“A penny for your thoughts” -popular quote
The previous quote was the first thing that came to my mind when I’ve heard that we have to write my thoughts and look for patterns which is unusual, original and therapeutically at the same time for a college project. Well, since my thoughts are a mess, it was hard to find patterns. However, after recording a certain amounts of notes (5 or 6), I just started to catch something fishy going on my thoughts that not only affects my behaviors and also my daily life in many aspects. One of those remarkable aspects is worry in general that goes from college homework, chores, and decisions that can literally change my life in just seconds. My life is constantly chase by an uncertain future which I can control partially for the decisions that I make in the present, and that is why when I try to make a choice I think about that 4 or 5 times, and also all the possibilities of the choice can let on either for good or for bad. For example, recently I was thinking about break up with my girlfriend because she was cheating on me, so I was thinking what words should I use in order to break up? How can I express myself in a way that I won’t hurt her? How can I break up with her at least in good terms? And finally what consequences can carry that decisions and in how that decision will change my life? So I have to go over and think about that. One method that I use in order to clear my mind of doubts is meditation and breathing techniques, and also it keep me concentrate in the solutions of the problems and as my hypnosis master told me “concentrate 10 % in the problem and 90% in the solution.” So I decided no matter if my decisions are correct or I make a mistake, at the end, I am going to learn from that decision and keep growing as a better person every day. Another series of thoughts that are always in my mind are my personal goals in life which can be academic, physical, and to make the world a better place to live. One of those dreams is to get my Ph.D. in robotics and go to Japan to study the technology over there or work in a company, and I know that I am not very smart. However, I am going to make my dreams comes truth by studying hard, even though; I procrastinate a lot specially in my homeworks. I am not giving up. Also, I am carefully planning the steps to archive that goal, and working in the main idea of my Ph.D. thesis which is the primary steps, and became a great scientist like my heroes such as Nicola Tesla, Richard Feynman, and Carl Sagan. I have to work hard and challenge myself every day not to be best but to archive my objectives, and probably discover something new that is going to change the world for better. Who knows?



Part 2: Thinking Visually (i.e., Represent Your Thoughts as Photos)


worries in my life -> This picture represents my worries about life in general such as the homeworks, chores, and projects I have to do which constantly are in my mind.

working hard and be curious -> This photo represents how I have to work hard and be curious in order to accomplish my dreams and being constant is important in order to complete my goals.

thinking deeply about desicions  -> This photo represents all the questions that I always asked myself when I have to make any decision in my life because I have to analyze the situation in order to make a proper judgement.

organization and visualization -> I personally like this picture because it shows how I meditate and relax in my free time and think clearly about my worries and in this way it is easy to find solutions and organize everything I have to do.

it is a long way to go -> In this picture shows that I have to walk a long path in order to further and further and do not behind no matter what. The guy at the end of the corridor is me.

dreamtable -> In this picture I am looking to my “dream table” which contains pictures of my dreams such as robots, future technology, inspiring quotes, and my heroes. This is really inspire for my and always be in my room just to remind me all the goals I have to accomplish.



Part 3: Thinking Reflectively (i.e., Reflect on Your Thoughts and Plan Your Future Thoughts in an Essay)

It’s the year 2020, and it’s been a while since I just graduated from City Tech. Currently, I just finished my master degree in robotics already. In addition, I just started to work in my research in order to get my Ph.D. in robotics at Cornell University. Even though, it is a long way to go, I find myself optimistic and with a lot energy in order to complete this long task which is my investigation in order to produce new technology such as flying cars and artificial organs in order to help people. In order to accomplish all this great future, first, I am going to talk to my past self about all the problems in deep. Second, I am going to give him some solutions to those problems. Finally, I am going to talk about all the benefits if he follows these advices.

First of all, sometimes I look back to my past and reflect about the many obstacles that I’ve encountered in my life such as overcoming my lack of concentration, trying to not procrastinate, and being more responsible with myself and my daily activities. If I were able to talk to my past self, I would probably say to him, “Hey, look you will have a better future if you can concentrate more in your responsibilities rather than worry about them, just think about solutions and remember what my mentor used to say think 10% about the problem and 90% about the solution, and I know you always worry about your projects and homeworks. However, you don’t complete them on time. Also, stop watching youtube videos for several hours, and I know you like to watch anime and sometimes watch some educational documentaries.
In addition, you are always worry to make decisions and sometimes you think deeply about taking the next step, at the extent, that you have think about 5 times in order to take ore not that step. Furthermore, you procrastinate a lot and that is one of your major problems since we were kids, for example, you literally wait until the last second in order to do any kind of homeworks or assignments like that time you did a presentation in power point just 3 hours before the class starts or that time when you did your essay like 1 hour before the class begins, and I can give you more examples, however, reflect about that problem. Finally, I have to tell you that it is fine to worry about the future in general because you can’t control it entirely, just partially, however, keep in mind you have to work hard for the future you desire, and follow the next advices I am going to give you.

First, what you can do for the procrastination problem is that you have to write down all the homeworks or the chores you have to do, then, write the number of order of that chore or homework by enlisting the hardest ones at the beginning and the easiest ones for the last, so you will feel more confident when you finish the difficult tasks and you would most likely to continue to finish with the rest of your homeworks. Another option is that you have to dedicate certain numbers of hours for a specific homework such as 2 or 3 hours depending of the difficulty of the task itself because some college projects can actually take 4 or 5 hours and try to finish before the stipulate time. In addition, if you have to do a long homework, try to divide it into little sections. This is a well-known strategy for large tasks because you can visualize better the whole structure when there are little pieces that you have to put them together.

Second, for your lack of focus, keep doing meditation. As you know, you have to close your eyes and do not think about anything which is the hardest part because your brain will constantly pop up ideas or something that will distract you so easily. Try to do this kind of exercise every day for about an hour in the morning before you have to go to class. Another option is that you have to do any kind of hobby that helps you to concentrate such as figuring out a long puzzle, practicing Chinese calligraphy, or reading a long book for about at least 1 or 2 hours straight. Overall, these kinds of exercises are going to help to boost your focus.

Third, I know you always worry about your future because you cannot control certain aspects of it such as you do not know if you are going to have an accident or you are going get sick. Nevertheless, you have to go according to your future plan which is you have to get your Ph.D. in robotics and go to Japan in order to expand your knowledge in technology about robots. Also, in order to do this, you have to work hard which mean you have to constantly practice by reading books about the topic, making some circuit and studying them in details, and constructing and modeling any kind of robot with certain purposes which is going to assist any person. Try to challenge yourself every day with different kind of activities such as building new robots or doing work-outs in order to be fit.

Another advice is that you have to always follow your dreams no matter what, even though, if someone laughs at you or say that it is impossible. As I told you before, focus on your passions and dreams and do them step by step such as the heroes you admire that are posted in your dream table like Nicola Tesla, Michio Kaku, or Carl Sagan that were really recognize scientists that worked really in order to accomplish their goals and you have to follow the same example like them and you have to became a great scientist. Also, if they have published some books, read them and try to imitate their style and adapted to yourself. Remember always you have to keep forward no matter what and do your best.

In summary, the first thing I will do is try to organize myself by making a schedule where I am going to write all the duties I have to do such as my homeworks or chores, also, in the same calendar, I am going to write the estimated time of that homework that is going to take in order to finish it. For my lack of Focus, I am going to practice meditation in the morning before college at least three times a week for an hour and do some hubbies such as puzzles and read books for at least 30 minutes. In addition, I am going to challenge myself by doing new kind of projects related to robotics and build new models of circuit and study them in detail, also, writing all the results that I get from them in my free time. Furthermore, I am going to study all the characteristics of my heroes and learn from them by reading their books or watch videos about them and adapting all that I learn in myself. Overall, I going to build a new version of myself like my future self and do my best every day. Thank you future self!!!