Exploring City Tech’s Hospitality Management and a Career in the Hotel Management by Tatiana Zhdanova


I was born and raised in Siberia (Russia). I studied in linguistic gymnasium and then went to Kuzbass State University, major Social Service and Tourism. I moved to USA 4.5 years ago.

As for now, I am currently working in hospitality management, but not in the field I want. I feel myself lucky because for 3 years I worked for one of the best hospitality group in New York City and it made me very proficient in networking, developed my organizational skills, and helped me to understand market and trends. After trying myself in nightlife and restaurant business, I have decided that now it is a perfect time to get an additional education in my major and try myself in the hotel management. Talking about the departments in hotel, I see myself as a Guest Service Agent or Concierge. In this assignment, I will mostly review Concierge as my potential career choice.

After considering all my options of continuing education and different institutions in New York City area, I made my choice towards New York City College of Technology. Founded in 1947, the Hospitality Management Department offers two internationally recognized degree programs for men and women seeking professional preparation for careers in Hospitality Management: a two-year lower-level program leading to the associate in applied science (AAS) degree; a four-year program leading to the bachelor of technology (BTech) degree. Students benefit from studying in small classes under the guidance of professional, industry-oriented faculty and learning in industry-standard facilities.

New York City is an unlimited resource to further enhance the dynamic and diversified course offerings. Students have opportunity to volunteer their time to enrich the department, the College and the community. College’s electives allow students to choose an area of focus and explore the multi-faceted world of hospitality management. The bachelor degree in Hospitality Management is an accredited program of the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration (ACPHA).

Students completing the baccalaureate degree will:

  • Demonstrate enhanced technical and managerial skills within the diverse curriculum offerings of Hotel and Resort Management Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts Travel and Tourism Food and Beverage Management Career and Technology Teacher Education
  • Develop an expertise within the hospitality management curriculum that will be further enhanced by courses in the College’s diverse liberal arts.
  • Research, analyze and evaluate industry changes and trends incorporating local, national and global perspectives.
  • Evaluate various service enterprises and the relationship between human resources management and the achievement of organizational objectives within the hospitality and services industries.
  • Synthesize knowledge, teamwork, interpersonal skills and an appreciation of both classroom and workplace diversity – crucial to managing and succeeding in today’s global marketplace.

Alumni have become accomplished as executive chefs, directors of housekeeping, human resources directors, food and beverage directors, restaurant owners, and district food service managers, directors of marketing and general managers. Students interested in a teaching career may take education courses in career and technical teacher education to become licensed to teach in New York State high school culinary arts programs such as Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP).

Observing hospitality industry from the view of event planning and coordination of the best venues in New York City, had taught me a lot.

But also it showed lots of pros and cons and unprofessionalism of the curtain individuals, who got their positions because of family or connections.

Talking about concierge job as my dream career, I want to describe the definition of this job and my skills more in this paragraph. In hotels or resorts, a concierge assists guests by performing various tasks such as making restaurant reservations, booking hotels, arranging for spa services, recommending nightlife hot spots, booking transportation (limousines, airplanes, boats, etc.), coordinating porter service (luggage assistance request), procuring of tickets to special events, and assisting with various travel arrangements and tours of local attractions. Concierge also assists with sending and receiving parcels. This job not necessary requires having degree in the hospitality management, but you need to know psychology, management and be very friendly. The main skills, that need to be present in successful concierge are: networking, ability to help, ability to make a quick decisions and work in the stressful environment, strong knowledge of the city landmarks, events and dining places, great customer service skills, team work, self-motivation, organizational skills along with the excellent management skills and determined in accomplishing or exceeding set matters.

I think, I am meeting almost all required skills, which can help me get this position and grow my professional skills with time and gaining experience. Now in luxury and boutique hotels there is a new type of concierge. For VIP guest’s hotel management can provide personal concierge. Previously a line of work specific to the hotel industry, personal concierge services have evolved into hyper-individualized services across broad range of industries. From domestic help and home contracting to fitness, pets, errand running, auto care, and even pregnancy, personal concierge services can be tailored to suit any number of individual needs.

Assistants can do it, but nowadays hotel owners are bringing guest service on totally new level. It is more about one-to-one service, maximizing time for completing any request. At the start concierge is getting regular salary and bonuses. But it is very high chance of extra tipping from clients. Additionally, good concierge is getting deals from the venues he/she has business with. Extra tickets, menu tasting, presentations are only small compensations concierge can get from operating the daily tasks. Concierge services are definitely a differentiator. They’re a particularly good way to demonstrate a firm’s quality to existing clients, who will likely remember, when a planner went out of the way to help them. There is also smile management. Make client feels welcomed is one of the keys in being successful concierge.

I am very exciting to get knowledge in the field. I know that it will help me to provide better service and be more proficient at my job. Combination of already existing experience and being educated in the hospitality management will help me to achieve the desire results. I always believe in big role of education and I think, having both (international and USA) degrees will increase my chances to get to the level of management, that I am looking for. Hopefully, New York City Tech is a right school and base for this journey.


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