Exploring city techs career in computer science technology by Ashley Perez

Ashley Perez

English 1101


I am Ashley Perez and I am a student who attends New York City College of Technology (city tech). My major is computer science technology (CST), which actually was not my choice. My first choice was to study dental hygiene; my family did not agree with that so they convinced me to switch to (CST).I was not too excited about this specific major in the beginning, but now I am warming up to the idea. I think this major will be good for me in the long run. To be honest city tech was not my first choice for school either but I settled and by the time I got in and saw the majors they were offering it was too late considering I was not at all pleased with any of them, so I improvised and said what is something I would not mind doing after I graduate for y career since my real goal is to be an actress anyway.

The reason I now think (CST) would be good for me is because the world is all about technology now. The world is not the way it used to be where if you wanted to apply for something like a job or a passport you went down to an office an filled out some papers everything is electronic now. My second reason for settling with my major is the way the economy is now; having that type of degree would always be beneficial for me. I would always have a lot of options. Another great reason for this major is I could build something that could last forever. My last reason is because my degree will allow me to work anywhere that deals with computers which nowadays is everywhere and not to mention I would have a great salary. Nowadays living in New York is pretty expensive, if you do not have a good career you could end up homeless, so I think salary plays a very important factor in choosing a good career.


Computer science is the study of software, hardware, and theoretical aspects of computing devices, along with the study of the application of computing in scientific, engineering, business, and other areas. Note that although programming is a part of computer science, it is only one part, and strong computer science programs require not only programming classes, but classes in other areas of computer science as well. Something I really do want to pursue with my major is data communications technician. Data communications technicians are responsible for the installation, testing, troubleshooting, and repair of data communication lines and computer equipment. They work with modems, terminals, lines and wires. Many data communications technicians can also work as telecommunications technicians, wireless communications technicians, and computer technicians.

A great reason (CST) is a great major because it gives you a chance to do something different in a variety of fields. When I first started considering this field I never really knew anything of what it entailed. I had no idea that it had so many different levels of the trade. This kind of profession will discourage you and have you reconsidering, but there are some benefits to it as well.

When I thought and considered my major I thought about the future and how advanced the world is becoming with computers. Not only is it good to have (CST) as a profession but with everything being the way it is now its all good to know your way around a computer. People that grew up in the dark ages have had to learn to adjust to the change of technology, no more paying bills in person, and if you want some customer service on a telephone you have to wait forever with a computer . So it is not like people have a choice in the matter , this is the new millennium where if people want to communicate there is no more writing letters, its texting and emailing. Computers were forced on us in a way since people survived for ages long before technology was invented.

The way the economy is now you have to be careful where you end up. There are rarely ever any jobs now. It is not like the ninety’s where there was always work in any field you wanted to. Also it is not as easy to get employed without some educational background; most businesses will not take an employee unless they have some experience and a degree.

After obtaining a degree in (CST) and you start working in the field, you will see how great the salary is. Salary’s for this filed vary but depending on which specific field you are in your salary could start from 59,800 to 102,000. That is another thing I considered while thinking about what should be my career choice, making absolutely sure that I a m financially stable.

In my opinion I think the way that city tech is preparing me for my future is giving me the same oppurtunities as everybody else. City tech catalog was able to give me information on my major that I was not to certain about. I did not that for my major I was going to have to take calculus, not until I saw the city tech college catalog. Knowing all the requirements needed for my major made me second guess if I even wanted to continue it.

If I was going to give anyone any advice or suggestions about pursing my major in particular I would tell them to do their research first, and to make sure that they were prepared for it. I would tell them to make sure it is something they actually want to do and do not mind working hard to obtain it. Computer science is a intellectual major, it could be non interesting to most people. There are not that many women in this field so it is also good to bring a little diversity into the field.