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Exploring City Tech’s Architectural Technology and a Career in Interior Architecture by Onica Leitch-Edinboro

Onica Leitch-Edinboro
Professor Jason Ellis
English1101 D340
11 May 2015

2015-05-08 12.15.25My name is Onica Leitch-Edinboro. I am a student at the New York City College of Technology (City Tech) and I am majoring in Architectural Technology with the ultimate goal of becoming an Interior Architect. I believe that this is the best career for me, because I have always wanted to be an Interior Architect, Interior Architecture is an upper middle-income paying job, Interior Architecture has a wide range of professions, and in a career in Interior Architecture will allow me to create designs for interior spaces for building as needed.Capture13 In addition, I am a very creative designer, who thinks outside the box. Also, I am a very dedicated, reliable, and hard working person, who is determined to be one of the best Interior Architects in the world. In this essay, I will discuss the following: road map.

When I was younger, I lived in Guyana, and it was there that I decided to become an Interior Architect. When I made that decision, I called my father, who lived in the United States at that time, and I asked him, “What do I need to do to pursue, an Interior Architecture career?” He advised me to go to Guyana’s, Government Technical Institute, and find out what information they had on the study of Architecture, gather that information, and study it, which I did.

In my first year at Guyana’s, Government Technical Institute, some of my architect instructors advised me to attend and complete the University Of Guyana’s six-year architecture graduate program. Had I not done that, it would have permitted me to attain my architect licensure. Unfortunately, Guyana was not the place for me to finish pursuing architecture, because my father decided to move me to the United States.

On my arrival to the United States, flashes of my destiny had appeared to me, I saw myself graduating from a university, and from that instant I knew that being in America, here In New York, is where I needed to be.

A few days after, I started to do some research on the different colleges that were offering the Architectural Technology Program here in New York. Out of the few colleges that I have checked out online, City Tech was my best option. Furthermore, I decided to research the City Tech profoundly, because I wanted to have a keen understanding of what their Architectural Technology program is about, which led me to the City Tech Catalog. 1According to City Tech Catalog, “The Architectural Technology program is a four-year Bachelor of Technology Program and a two-year associate degree program.” It goes in to state that, “This Architectural Technology program, educates students to assist the architect and perform at a high level in design, contract documents and the construction stages of a building project. “ In addition, City Tech’s Catalog explains that, “The pre-professional program familiarizes students with up to date architectural office practices and procedures including computer-aided design and drafting.” Moreover, it states, “Studio work gives the students the opportunity to develop their talents by participating in various architectural projects from inception to final drawings and models.” After reading City Tech Catalog, I was pleased, and I have chosen to further my Architectural Technology Studies, here at City Tech College.

2015-05-07 11.24.082015-05-07 11.21.45

During my Architecture Technology two-year associate degree program, at City Tech, I learned how to manipulate the software programs that are required for that major. The required software programs include AutoCAD, Rhino, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Revit. Also, I learned how to design portfolios, buildings and building’s drawings. In addition, I developed my skill at hand drafting, which includes, drawing prospective views, axonometric views, floor plans, elevations, and sections. Additionally, I learned how to manually design and make concept models, and how to use the same ideas for replication using AutoCAD, Rhino, and laser cut software. Moreover, I learned the techniques of how to plan and develop sites for projects of all kinds. However, in order for me to acquire a bachelor’s degree in Architecture Technology, I gain a deeper understanding of these topics and perform more complicated workflows than I discuss above.

Attaining a degree in Architecture Technology, at City Tech will qualify me for some great career options. According to City Tech Catalog, architecture graduates will be qualify for the positions of “Architectural technician, CAD drafter, architecture renderer, architectural maker, manufacturer’s representative, assistant specifications writer and clerk of the work.”

After I have graduated from the New York City College of Technology (City Tech), I would like to pursue a Master degree in Interior Architecture at New York City College. Also, I will own my Architecture firm as an elite designer, and to create more job opportunities for students who are seeking career in Interior Architecture. As for now, I will use the knowledge that I have achieved from City Tech to apply for internships with building construction agencies, government’s agencies, and earn enough money to start saving for my future goals. However, the Architecture career article online states, “Many of the new graduates from architecture design schools go to work for specialized firms, while some work for residential or nonresidential building construction agencies. Others go to work for the government, taking jobs in bureaus that deal with the development of housing and communities.”

Being an Architect was my childhood dream, because I have been fascinated with buildings designs. In fact, I have always been captivated with anything to do with architectural designs. Also, it is something that I have strongly developed a passion for, and it is something that I know I will excel in.

Cost of living is expensive, therefore money is essential in life. However, I need enough money to get through life. Moreover, with me having a career in Interior Architecture, which is an upper middle-income paying job, I will earn on an average, ninety-one thousand per year. According to Interior Architect Salary in New York, NY, on an average year, Interior Architects make “$91,000.”

Having a profession as an Interior Architect is a great career choice for me, because as an Interior Architect, I would not have to be too concerned about finding a job that focus only on interior designing. Interior Architect Salary in New York, NY, declares that the traditional professions of an interior architect include “Architect, Construction Manager, and Industrial Designer. Also, it states that interior architect professions include Landscape Architect, Urban Planner and Developer, and Interior Architecture Expert.” Moreover, Interior Architect Salary in New York, NY explains that are other interior architect related jobs, which can include,” Principal or professor in an architectural design school, Architecture critic, Architecture photographer, Real estate project manager, and Civil engineering.”

Whenever we think of buildings, or to design buildings, we have to think of the room spaces that would be suitable for the specific purposes. As an Interior Architect, it would be my responsibility to incorporate the right kind of spaces throughout the interior of buildings, which will meet the clients’ expectation. I say this because some buildings maybe constructed without having the desired interior room spaces for the client, as a result, they may not serve the purposes of the client. Given from A Conceptual Overview of the Interior Architecture Students’ Project Works, Introduction,” Today, it has been understood that the spaces even from the early times have been used as a means for our activities, and that they begin to serve for different purposes, and thus the concept of interior space has gained more significance than ever.”

2015-05-09 18.08.01Obtaining a degree in Architectural Technology prepares me to get a job at firms such as “Davis/Brody Architects, The Dormitory Authority of the States of New York, Gwathmey Siegel, HOK, Skidmore Owings and Merrill.” Also, prepares me to get job at firms such as “Michael Lynn Associates, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and New York City Department of Parks.” Moreover, at firms such as” Robert, A.M. Stern Architects, U.S. Government Corps of Engineers, Walker Group, Peter Brooks Associates (England), Heier & Monse Architects (Germany) and Christian Moreau Architects (France).”

For those of you whom might be interested in Architecture Technology major or a career in Interior Architecture, City Tech is the perfect place for you. To gather more information on City Tech, you can go to New York City College of Technology (City Tech) Catalog on line or you can visit the school’s location, NAMM Building, at 300 Jay Street, Brooklyn, New York. Under the City Tech Catalog, make sure to look under the heading of “Architectural Technology” and for the present year you would like to start. In addition, some websites that will inform you more about a career in Interior Architecture are and

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“Writing My Brain Project by Onica Leitch-Edinboro.”

• Introduction
In this Project, I was able to reproduce some positive thoughts that I have accumulated within my “Day of thoughts”, which enabled me to plan and think with a brighter focus going into the future. In addition, I have divided this project into the following categories: Introduction, Thinking in Writing, Thinking Visually, and Thinking Reflectively, to give you a clear understanding of the steps I took.

• Thinking in Writing 

“Day of Thoughts” is a valuable exercise that helps one realize that you could not begin to imagine the amount of thoughts and tasks that you can do within a day without making notes. This is a wonderful exercise teaches you so much about yourself. To add icing to the cake, this kind of writing is like a diary.

As I was wrapping up my “Day of Thoughts” on February 8, 2015, I stopped and read the five pages of what I had written so far. Surprisingly, the amount of thoughts surprised me. I could not believe it. Nevertheless, while I was going over my notes, I came across some patterns in my thoughts that were occurring at a regular interval. It appears to be, every time I found myself trying to focus on what I needed to accomplished for that day, I was interrupted every 30 minutes by either an incoming called or someone needing my assistance. These interruptions caused me to think: “Why every time I find myself trying to focus on my studies or try to get my work done, my phone rings?”, “Why can’t I just win the lottery and moved far way?”, and “I wonder if I’ll will be able to finish doing all I wanted to fulfill today?”

“Why every time I find myself trying to focus on my studies or try to get my work done, my phone rings?” Time is a very important factor in life and yet many people just do not respect it; at least other people’s time. As an example, I try my best to manage my time wisely so the day will not slip away. I would normally separate my family time from my school’s work time and my chores time from my relative’s time. Yet, at the end of the day, I am still expected of to do favors at any given time.

The smell of fresh air, the sound of the wind blowing through the top of the tall coconut palms, and the amazing scenery of the beach behind the back yard of my beautiful uniquely design house are all visions I get whenever I asked myself, “Why can’t I just win the lottery and move far away?” Moving somewhere far is a thought that would strike me whenever I am interrupted unnecessary by relatives and others and I cannot seemed to find enough time to do what I have to do. In addition, I believe that moving far away to somewhere new and not having be bothered by relatives, friends and, others can turned out to be a good thing at times.

When I thought to myself, “I wonder if I’ll be able to finish doing all I wanted to fulfill today,” I was frustrated with the fact that to fulfill a day’s work and not being able to do so is frustrating, especially when there is a deadline. While I was doing my “Day of Thoughts,” I was distracted on countless occasions by my mom, dad, siblings, or two of my friends. The funny thing was that they all needed me to do something for them even though they were fully aware that I was busy getting my project done. For example, my mom was calling me after 10:00AM that morning to take her shopping and my sister wanted me to braid her hair that afternoon.

In the end, instead of me asking myself, “why every time I find myself trying to focus on my studies or try to get my work done , my phone rings,” I should have put my phone on silence or turned it off until I was through studying.
• Thinking Visually 

“I wonder if I’ll be able to finish doing all I wanted to fulfill today.” Trying to fulfill a day’s work and not being able to do so could be frustrating, especially when there is a deadline. This project shows the drawings of a plan and section for my Building Technology 1 class that has to be complete with 2 hours.
“What my next drawing project is like?” This image is the lobby in the Voorhees Building that was assigned to my class as project “A” starting on February 28th, 2015.
“I hope Professor Gordon likes my house design.” This image is a house that I am presently working on in my design class. It is a glass house design for a computer engineer, his wife who’s a painter, and their two children.
“Types of projects I would like to be involve with in the future .” This image is a CityTech building that is presently being constructed opposite 300 Jay Street (Namm building).
“Why every time I find myself trying to focus on my studies or try to get my work done, my phone rings?” This image represents some of my text books that I have to study for this semester. They require a lot of my time and effort. Yet, many people just don’t respect that time is a very important factor in life; at least other people’s time.
“I’ll like my office to be here after I am through with school.” This is an image of Freedom Tower that I always admired and would like to have an office there sometime in the near future.

• Thinking Reflectively


From my future self to my present self,
I know that you are a very strong, healthy, physically fit, and a talented drafter/designer. In addition, you have questions about what our future will be after you are through with school. Moreover, you have concerns about whether you would find the right job. Present self; do not be too worried about what is forthcoming, for I am about to give you insight into our future.

Now, it is the year 2020, and I am an architect and I am presently working for William Rawn Associates as a junior architect in suite 14 D, Freedom Tower, New York. This company is one of the best architectural firms in New York. They offer great benefits, they are environmentally friendly and they are well organized. Also, I am working on some great projects, such as designing schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings.

It is really a pleasure to work here. In order for us to attain these achievements, there are three thoughts you should give serious consideration to be successful. These thoughts are not what I originally wanted to use as my day of thoughts, but I believe that they are more suitable for this essay. First thought: “Where you would like your office to be after you are through with school?” Second thought, “Types of projects you would like to be involve with in the future.” And, final thought, “What your next drawing project will be like?”


Present self, since you were a young child, you have always had positive thoughts about what you would like your future to be. As I remember, one of those thoughts was “Where you would like your office to be after you are through with school?”

Present self, I must say that I am so proud of you for having such a terrific thought towards our successful future. I say this now, because I have come to realize that there is potential as an architect. For example, you can work for any architectural firm, or once you can master all the software that requires getting the job done in a professional manner, become your own boss and dominate the architectural industry.

Present self, this is what I need you to do. Knowing that you are pursuing a degree in Architecture Technology, and you are in your third semester at City Tech College, please make every effort to pay keen attention to the remainder of your courses, especially your major courses, including design, building tech, site planning, and structures. Present self, the classes that I mention above are necessary for achieving our brighter future. In addition, try to master the software, such as, AutoCAD, Rhino, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Revit, and other software, because you knowing them will be an asset to your success. Also, please make as many notes and videos to keep for future reference, because they will help your memory, when you are studying, and increase your designs techniques as you move towards your goals and throughout your life. .

Finally, instead of you working at the nursing agency Partners In Care, try to get a part-time job at an architecture firm as a drafter or designer, because the experience you acquire there will be useful when you transition from City Tech College to NYU to earn your masters degree. Moreover, these things will get you to where I am now and take you beyond.


In the streets of New York, almost every few blocks that I walk, all I could see and think about is the different kind of building projects that are being erect, that I designed. Present self, this reminds me of the thought we had in our third semester as an Architecture student, upon observing the construction of a City Tech building, opposite the Namm Building at 300 Jay Street. That thought was, “Types of projects you would like to be involve with in the future.”

Present self, it brings so much tears and joy to my life each time I see buildings that I designed glowing through the streets of New York, because I know of the struggled that we have been through to get here, and now that I am here, everyone likes my work, including my boss. Also, our architects friends, we have back home in Georgetown, Guyana.

Present self, even though we have made it so far, I still believe that there is so much more that we can do for ourselves and other parts of the world. Think about what kind of designs we can do for our country, Guyana, and other Caribbean countries.

Present self, in order for us to explore the third world countries, I would like you to keep in contact with our architect, and engineer friends from our hometown, because they have friends within our government that can help us to get acres of land and other resources that we will need. Moreover, they have friends in other parts of the Caribbean that can help us productively towards becoming successful.


Casinos, Skyscrapers, housing schemes, hospitals, and my own homes are all projects that I am working towards being erect in Guyana and in other Caribbean countries. Present self, all that I have mentioned above was originated from our final thought, “What your next drawing project will be?”

Present self, remember, Guyana is 83,000 sq. miles and it has plenty of undeveloped land and reserves that need the right kind of development. The skills and knowledge that we have attained over the past years, and being aware of the state of our country, I believe that we can be a great asset to its development. And, assist in bringing it to the standard it needs to be, because if we do not try to help who will, and besides, I believe that our government and our people will be impressed with our design techniques.

Present self, in addition, to all the projects that I have stated in sentence one in the first paragraph, we can use those projects to develop our father’s 45 acres of land to start with. Those building can be the beginning of a well-developed Guyana. These buildings will show our people the kind of designs we produce, as well as the quality of work they should be expecting from us. Furthermore, as they view the buildings, they will also be experiencing the interior and exterior spaces.


In conclusion, living and going to school here in Brooklyn, New York has been a great experience for me, because being here in America has made it possible for me to pursue my dream in Architecture Technology and to become one of the best architects in the world, and to view and understand another part of the world. Also, being here has exposed me to things that I thought I could only see in the movies. Such as, the beautiful sceneries of skyscrapers, bridges, landscape designs, The Bull of Wall Street, The Statue of Liberty, and the other places that are too numerous to mention.

As I remember, since in my early childhood I always had a passion for sketching anything that I found to be interested, or designing dollhouses and sneakers. Then a thought came to me “Knowing that you like designing dollhouses, you should become an architect, and to try to make a difference in Guyana.” Since then, I spent quality time focusing on what I needed to do in order to make that thought a reality.

Here I am today, attending City Tech College and working very hard to achieve my Bachelor Degree in Architecture Technology so, that I can transition to graduate school to get my Masters, and become the architect that will make a huge difference in my country, Guyana.