Prompt 1 Good habits can improve our physical, emotional, and/or financial health. This semester, you’ve all sought to adopt new habits that will keep you strong in college. What habit would you tell an incoming freshman to adopt that you have also cultivated this semester?

Letter to a Freshman.

Dear,  Incoming Freshman.

Coming to college can be extremely terrifying and especially lonely when its happening in your room so I hope this  letter can bring you some light and some comfort.  Here are some things I did and learned along the way that helped me and I hope that they can be useful to you.  Firstly take notes. Majority of your classes you can take notes online. You can take notes using google docs which automatically safes your work as you type. You should also take pictures of your notes might need, this will help you learn if you don’t have your books or computer with you.  I wouldn’t blame you if 50 percent of  your phone gallery was filled with pictures of lecture notes because mine was filled too. Secondly, approach each class and lecture with positivity and optimism, to be honest, a big problem was that I got in my head, I felt like I already failed the semester if I got a bad grade on a test or missed a few minutes of the lecture. This was really bad for my mental health and definitely didn’t help my grade, so take each class at time and don’t beat yourself up for a bad grade its okay, and its not the end of the world. Thirdly,  go get in some for of physical exercise, class are a lot longer in college and sitting all day is not healthy. You can try doing yoga, going for walking or even dancing, it really does help relieve stress and its a lot more fun that studying.  Try your hardest to turn in if not all but, most of your assignments are on time. One thing I would encourage you to do if you want to have more free time is to do your assignments days before, even if you cant finish an assignment start it, this is good because if you can ask the teacher for help if you are stuck on a problem. Regularly check your school email and blackboard, some teacher post homework on there and other things they might want you to read before class. Another thing that help me was asking questions in class especially if you are confused on a topic because, most likely someone else is probably also confused.  Create a group chat with your class,  this is helpful if you have questions you forgot to ask in class or re-explanation of problems you didn’t get.  One great skill I started was journaling . Journaling  is really good, and personally helped me stay more organized with my classes. It also help me express my feelings on literally anything.  Another thing that help we was keeping my room clean.  Having a clean room is beneficially and helps keeps your things organized easy to find.  Another important habit that helped me was limiting my phone usage, I know its really difficult, but I promise its worth it.  Limiting the amount you send on your device allows you to have more time with yourself and what’s around you.  Practice meditation. Meditation was really helpful really courage me to be more Intune with myself and were I am.  At last take your take and enjoy the journey, you only get to be a college freshman once.