Today’s Topic: How is the pandemic affecting you?

Let’s see, so the pandemic started around March 23rd, 2020 for most of us. At the time this was my first semester attending city tech, and second time attending a college (I did college now in HS). When the whole thing occurred we were basically going for spring break, and preparing to wind down a bit. We were then notified that we will be commencing online only synchronous classes for the safety of everyone. From then on we all continued through, and during those times we were watching in the new as things worsened in manhattan to the point they called that huge medical ship to assist as hopitals were well over max capacity citywide.

Hospital Ship Comfort Ends NYC COVID-19 Mission After Treating 182 Patients

During this time I was also experiencing a high amount of stress, as I was not able to go anywhere that I normally visited, or went to socially congregate with others. I had school, part-time work, and two grandparents, plus other responsibilities at the time. This led me to shut down a few times, and run away from things. I had no room for myself during that April to June period, and that affected all characteristics of my life. After my first semester was over I then took the month I had off to not do “anything’, just wake up, do chores, and watch whatever I wanted, but then in the summer I had to catch my grip. Since summer was coming, I wanted to take summer courses and do some catch up/get ahead.