The concept of parenthood is an idea that has left me thinking many of time. Although I don’t see myself being a parent anytime soon, watching a baby grow over the course of the years is something that fills me to the brim with joy. That sense of joy is always present whenever I see my nephew and seeing how much he’s grown over the past 3 years is mind blowing, leaving me wondering how his must parents feel as well. Although he may be growing older, I’ll be able to witness that sense of joy again with the birth of my niece.


Vocabulary quiz
  1. The rhythm of the pounding waves is calming.
  2. All of the dogs in the neighborhood were barking.
  3. A high tax, not to mention unemployment, influences votes.
  4. My friends and my mother like each other.
  5. The team and the band were on the field.
  6. Building a good marriage and building a good log fire are similar in many ways.
  7. John or Doris write to us regularly.
  8. Neither Carol nor Ted is excluded from the meeting.
  9. Either Patty or Tom were asked to lead the meeting.
  10. Neither the basket nor the apples were expensive.
  11. Neither the apples nor the basket were expensive
  12. Either Maria or you were late for class.
  13. Either you or Maria were late for class.
  14. Hardest hit by the high temperatures and the drought was the farmers.
  15. Neither of them like going to the show.
  16. Each of them have a good seat.
  17. Everybody in the class has tickets.
  18. Every silver knife, fork, and spoon has to be counted.
  19. Each cat and each dog has its own toy.
  20. The committee is meeting today.
  21. Ten million gallons of oil is a lot of oil.
  22. The jury votes today.
  23. The number is very small.
  24. A number of students were absent.
  25. Ten million gallons of oil were spilled.
  26. The majority of us are in favor.
  27. Statistics is an interesting subject. Statistics are often misleading.
  28. The sheep stray when the gate is left open. Sheep stray when the gate is left open.

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