The reason I chose to do a poem is because I wanted to do something short, fun and enjoyable to read. I believe you should go out and travel because you could find peace and happiness but I think this is easiest when you’re younger because you have less responsibility and less to worry about, so it is best to start traveling whenever you can. Understanding what I want to get across to the readers which are CityTech Freshman s, I decided to do a poem because I know that my audience doesn’t want to just be sitting there reading an essay of my experiences of traveling so I thought I would do something different. I really want the reader to have fun visualizing my experience or even google what I was experiencing because then I know I did a good job of inspiring younger kids.

     While writing my poem I kept thinking of ways to make the readers visualize my experience of going to Switzerland. I didn’t simply just want to tell them that I went to Switzerland but instead make them close their eyes and get a sense of what I’m talking about. So I composed a poem where I used some metaphors to grab the reader’s attention, for example I used a Non Venomous metal snake to describe a railroad and the hissing of a snake to describe the braking of the railroad. I thought this would be cool and fun to add because it makes you think about what I’m saying but as you slowly read the poem you will tend to understand what I’m talking about. So describing my experience of going to Switzerland through a poem using metaphor and keeping it short and fun was the best way to inspire CityTech Freshmans to go out and experience the world in a way they haven’t yet.