English Composition II

Unit 3 Final draft, short film/ Artist Statement

In unit 3 I have decided to make a short film about different problems that not only females face but males as well who are all professional athletes. The purpose of making this piece is to give people an understand that being a professional athlete isn’t just all fun and games, as we have all imagine but there is many that is being done behind the scenes. The film is basically trying to show and prepare future athlete about problems that both a males and females could face in which they are put down. But word of advice whatever is in the way you should keep pushing forward.

In fact, the audience who are being targeted are children/teenagers who want to be a profession athlete themselves. I feel like the genre of creating a short film is a best way to reach the audience because it also a great way to sum up the point or message you want to put out. But not only that people now and days prefer visual content rather than anything else.

Reflecting back to the process of this there was many easy and difficult times. For example, in unit 2 main point was focusing on the equitability that women have to encounter in sports. In this case I feel like my unit 3 main point has had a little twist where the main point has targeted different problems that two genders face as athletes not just one. I would have to say the structure of the short film was the most difficult for unit process is because it was my first time creating one. But overall, there are many things that could have been different for this unit but what I would have done different is instead of a short film I would have created a short interview 1on1 with someone who has had experience problems just like these.


  1. Salomee

    I enjoyed watching this video. For your first time, this is phenomenal. This also a great topic that works well when delivered by a video.

  2. ayah

    I love this so much. The video is so informative on the problems faced by athletes, and your artist statement is great as well.

  3. Rouba

    Very nice video, I like the way you included your information and the way included the clips. I also liked how you ended your video with a question to your audience.

  4. Prof. Edelson

    I think your excellent work is reflected in your classmates enthusiastic responses. Your video is thoughtful and well-researched, not to mention, righteous! You engage your viewer on every level and make a powerful impact on their ideas about the fate of athletes.
    Your artist statement is clearly written and structured wisely, but it is underdeveloped. You’ll notice the assignment calls for a full page explanation of your motives and choices as an artist. Nonetheless, you communicate your thinking clearly and you don’t have any major errors holding you back.
    Thank you for work.
    Prof. Edelson

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