English Composition II

Week 12 HW

My audience are activists. I believe the topic of climate change best reaches this audience because activists are highly interested in change. This process has gone without complications for me so far. The easiest part of the process has been connecting my audience to my topic because activists already care about important topics like climate change. I hope my audience learns of ways they can help with climate change through their everyday actions. 


  1. ayah

    I like your idea. I love how the topic suits your audience very well since activists tend to fight to make a change. Climate change is an important topic especially with everything going on in today’s society. I do believe that you can make a big difference trying to spread it more.

  2. Prof. Edelson

    I look forward to being educated on how to help with climate change through everyday actions, myself. Please let me know how your audience will influence your mode of communication.
    Prof. Edelson

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