Dear Black Girl

Your hair is one with nature

Your hair is the flowers that the butterflies Grace with their elegance

The vines of which roses emerge

The ropes of the out pine Forrest

As delicate as the dandelion in the wind

And as strong as the thorns on a prickly bush

You need not to explain your hair’s uniqueness

Don’t be afraid to let your naturality shine

Naps curls wave all the form of expression of love from the man from above

wake up and look in the mirror and it’s a mess This curly hair that I posses but I feel blessed

Our hair is our crowned jewel. Own it. Relish it. For it is synonymous with our individuality


Everyone has a unique way of expressing themselves on a topic that they feel passionate about. The topic of natural hair is a topic that is very dear to me and I chose to convey the unique aspects of it through a poem. 


A black woman’s natural hair has been a controversial topic for decades now. Many people seem to judge the presentation of it due to the unexplainable uniqueness that it holds. But it is in human nature to judge what you don’t understand, is it not? Society has made it their unfortunate mission to outcast black women and the beautiful hair that they were blessed with. This results in many young women hating the appearance of not only their hair but the beauty that they hold as a person. I know this to be true because I have been one of those young women for a very long time. 


I chose to construct a poem for my topic because I wanted to give a different outlook when it comes to describing our hair. Likewise, I wanted to be able to grab my audience’s attention, which are citytech freshmen,and captivate them throughout. I understand that my audience would not want to sit and read a long and tedious essay or article on this topic. I wanted to describe our hair in ways that we did not normally hear while we were growing up. I know that many people from my audience would be pleased because we are so used to hearing our hair being described in such an unpleasant manner with words such as “rough” or “nappy”. To hear it go from such words to being compared to the beauty of nature it feels like a breath of fresh air and it would help a lot of people heal the little girl inside of them that hid away from the fear of being judged.