English Composition II

Week 13 HW Day one

Unit One

How Would I Go About Revising?


So I re-read my unit one “Portrait Of A Word” a few times now. Personally after reading your response to it I agree that it was an amazing piece. Even when writing it I felt so motivated to finish it because it’s not only about the word but about my late grandmother. In my opinion I wouldn’t change the way I wrote it, I described things so well, I told the story the way I wanted it to be told. Maybe having more stories about her could’ve been better. I think that I covered each part of the assignment, the word, the stories, descriptions, and even where the word derived from. If I had to change one thing about the assignment, although it’s hard I’d maybe find some more info on the background of the word I chose and go more in depth but I still think I did a good job.

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  1. Prof. Edelson

    As you know, I loved your piece, too. When you catch lightening in a jar, enjoy it!
    Prof. Edelson

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