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Unit 3- Final (Video)



Artist’s statement:

I decided to do this project in the genre of a slide show because videos are a way of informing people and educating them in an accessible way while also asserting images, videos, and voiceovers. In my case, my audience consists of women mainly, therefore, informative videos are very likely to get their attention. I understand that everyone’s case may be different. In the example of Nicki Minaj, she always felt pressured and intimidated by the male rappers at the beginning of her career. However, she stood strong and gave her all to express her talent which led to opening windows for other women in rap. Of course, not every woman’s career is in the music industry so their situation will be different. After watching different kinds of slideshows, I end up with so much wisdom and knowledge, so I’m hoping this one will also be inspirational and teach everyone about ambitiousness and women empowerment. Looking back I believe my main point about Nicki Minaj being a perfect example of an ambitious and talented woman.

Unit 3 revision

Dear Black Girl

Your hair is one with nature

Your hair is the flowers that the butterflies Grace with their elegance

The vines of which roses emerge

The ropes of the out pine Forrest

As delicate as the dandelion in the wind

And as strong as the thorns on a prickly bush

You need not to explain your hair’s uniqueness

Don’t be afraid to let your naturality shine

Naps curls wave all the form of expression of love from the man from above

wake up and look in the mirror and it’s a mess This curly hair that I posses but I feel blessed

Our hair is our crowned jewel. Own it. Relish it. For it is synonymous with our individuality


Everyone has a unique way of expressing themselves on a topic that they feel passionate about. The topic of natural hair is a topic that is very dear to me and I chose to convey the unique aspects of it through a poem. 


A black woman’s natural hair has been a controversial topic for decades now. Many people seem to judge the presentation of it due to the unexplainable uniqueness that it holds. But it is in human nature to judge what you don’t understand, is it not? Society has made it their unfortunate mission to outcast black women and the beautiful hair that they were blessed with. This results in many young women hating the appearance of not only their hair but the beauty that they hold as a person. I know this to be true because I have been one of those young women for a very long time. 


I chose to construct a poem for my topic because I wanted to give a different outlook when it comes to describing our hair. Likewise, I wanted to be able to grab my audience’s attention, which are citytech freshmen,and captivate them throughout. I understand that my audience would not want to sit and read a long and tedious essay or article on this topic. I wanted to describe our hair in ways that we did not normally hear while we were growing up. I know that many people from my audience would be pleased because we are so used to hearing our hair being described in such an unpleasant manner with words such as “rough” or “nappy”. To hear it go from such words to being compared to the beauty of nature it feels like a breath of fresh air and it would help a lot of people heal the little girl inside of them that hid away from the fear of being judged. 


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AY UNIT 3 Final


Artist Statement:

The reason why I wanted to make this piece is to inform people to make New York better for everyone that lives here. New York has been in a downfall for a while and I am angry and sad about it. Crime has been increasing every year that murder is up, larceny is up, and other crimes have all been increasing. It has gotten so bad that a man was stabbed and killed because of an argument not even 4 blocks away from my house a few days ago. my neighborhood is somewhat safe how does this happen. Another thing wrong with New York is bad politicians and their bad law-making. Some do perfectly fine and some do not majority of the time the bad ones are the really important ones.

The people that I am addressing are City Tech freshmen and overall college students. College students are the closest to doing anything for NY. The majority of us can vote but the majority of college students do not vote so telling them to vote could help make NY better. We should also teach them how to protect themselves in a robbery. Some college students don’t know what they want as a career, we could inspire others to become politicians so they are better than the politicians now.

The genre I have chosen best reaches college students because the majority of college students grew up on youtube videos so going for a video approach can bring engagement to my piece. Making a video is a pain because you have to make it sound good, majority of the time people will talk in your video causing you to restart the video, forgetting lines is also a big problem. What I would do is go into a room that has no one in it and lock it to record a video. what I learn about making videos is it is a pain it is very hard to remember the line and is very annoying when you mess up the lines it makes you want to die. I hope my viewers can do the things I recommend to help fix New York.

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