The mountainous climb is strenuous.

But the nonvenomous metal snake won’t give up the climb, making the view affectious.

Zigzagging through the mountain the railroad conquers the snowy paradise.

The ice-cold air penetrates the windows, but soaking with the view one cannot fathom the chilliness.

The bird’s eye view as we unwind terrace after terrace brings a sense of accomplishment.

The mountain top, here we come!  

The mountain top, here we come!

Across the world we have traveled, to dine on white.

The snowy canopies are a welcoming view, a glimpse of what you are about to witness.

Her beauty of a queen covers the landscape, and all she does is impress.

The mixed sound of the snake hissing as its breaking wheels rail press.

And the shouts from within its belly

The mountain top, here we come!


The mountain top, here we come!

Our monstrous presence on the rail does not intimidate the mountain.

She swallows us, and we crawl through her rocky belly.

Up we move to confirm the adage, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We are hopeful of the magnificence of the mountain top view.

The mountain top, here we come!

The mountain top, here we come

Now I can view the whole world as the sun strokes my cheeks

We made it, the beauty is breathtaking and it will linger in my head for weeks.

The beauty mocks me not to close my eyes, in her presence I am meek.

And the air is sweet at the peak as the sign confirms, welcome to Switzerland.

The Mountain top, here we are.