The main reason to talk about this topic, and specifically about cycling, is that I have been able to prove that being in movement is an opportunity that we should take advantage of as human beings and as young people for many years. Sport has been a benefit that few people take advantage of properly. Culturally, sport can be seen as an imposition. The idea that cycling can practice for enjoyment and adventure is not shared.

There are many ways to share ideas, and in this case, I would like to demonstrate to many young people who have started a university path, who are entering a stage in which they are responsible for their own decisions, that vitality must be kept intact, and that strength and power can also be in acts that help the body and mind to feel good.

First of all, I dare to talk about my own experience with cycling, which, apart from being very practical since my childhood, has also been one of knowledge and understanding. For many years I have been curious about sports. In this case, I dared to investigate and learn about cycling, which is a very practiced activity in a country with great natural wealth, such as Colombia.

I have learned over time about outstanding people in this sport, and I have learned about its benefits. The most important thing is that I have also experienced it. I had the fortune of cycling in a country full of landscapes, fresh air, and mountains. What I could feel while practicing adventure and movement on a bicycle is a reason to share with young people like me the idea of daring to live experiences that make them feel alive.

Information and images, especially photographs, help us understand what a message can mean in detail. I wanted to share with a genre of City Tech Freshmen the proposal of my ideas about the movement in a magazine format that allows them to understand through representative images and words with influence and motivation.

Sharing information with other young people also makes me feel willing to receive comments, opinions, and input on other sports. We can create a dialogue between students that can be of great interest and can motivate different genders and groups in the city to participate in physical activities.

I chose a structure that I thought was appropriate to take advantage of and share the adventure experience—narrating and showing about cycling. I believe that, if I could do it better, I would choose to propose a series of face-to-face activities, which would lead us to live each one of us young people who want to be on the move, the experience and the power of cycling outdoors.

If I could propose physical activities that allow us to understand and live the feeling of the ideas embodied in the magazine, I would dare to make it happen and continue to share information and knowledge about many sports in the youth field.