The most important thing I learned in my Unit 2 research is how we need to be together to change things no person can change things by themselves. They would have supporters, friends, family, and others helping them change those things.

When it come to the five groups mentioned in the Unit Three assignment sheet, the group that needs to know about Fixing New York is City Tech Freshmen because they are the one who might be able to change things compared to the other groups. For the New York City Council members, they would be already trying to fix the problems of New York but in my essay, I point out some of the political leaders as one of the problems of New York and how some of them are corrupt or don’t do anything and it might not sit well with those in New York City Council members. Activist groups are usually focused on one problem only so writing for them would not seems right to do. For 4th graders, they are too young for these things and these are the people that I want to protect from New York becoming worse.

I feel like a video essay would fit the audience and it could be a fun way to write an essay. It will be a challenge because I don’t know how to edit a video

I think I did my last paragraph with bail reform really well with how I showed the problems with it and what we should change with it to make it better. The thing I wish I had done better is my paragraph about shoplifting/robbing it was ok but compared to my other paragraph this felt like I was trying to add some space it didn’t match with the direction I wanted to go with it. I will be trying to make the Shoplifting paragraph better and also fixing grammar and sentence structure with it.