English Composition II

week 11;day 1

For unit 3, the audience I’d like to target is young children to elders. Why is that? I know that there are some young children out there reaching puberty and start to go through changes that starts to affect how they see themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Whereas for teenagers, a lot tend to go through anxiety and depression, and for adults to elders, they should know how important it is to practice doing self-care and loving themselves. The specific target of my audience is high school and college students.  I feel like doing comic strips would be entertaining and encouraging as well.  Self-care is for people of all ages and everyone should feel encouraged to take care of themselves.

My main point hasn’t changed from unit 2. I still believe the importance of the self-care and understanding how necessary it is in our daily lives. What only changed is the way I will use it to target people which is most likely doing a comic strip. The resources I’d need to make a self-care comic strip is seeing what kind and how it can be encouraging.

I’m not so completely sure but I am working on some ideas for the comic strip and still collecting some more ideas. What I do know is that I will be enjoying doing more research for this unit.


  1. Prof. Edelson

    Ayah, Your idea sounds promising but please reread the Unit 3 assignment because you need to choose from one of the audiences listed.

    Your idea to write comic strips promoting self-care is great! I imagine you could pitch them to the city or to the college as a method for reaching out to people who might be suffering from mental health disorders.

    Prof. Edelson

    • ayah

      Thank you, I just now updated it.

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