HW Day One:

read: “Nut Graf” Slide show and/ or article on nut grafs from the New York Times

WRITE: Write a nut graf for your Unit Two article.  



Research: Find least one more source.

Write: annotate and write a paragraph of at least 200 words quoting that source using the quote sandwich!




HW Day Two:

So, you’ve done a lot of research, you’ve figured out what your article is about and why it matters (with your nut graf). You’ve also written a paragraph or two citing those outside sources. On top of that, we’ve looked a lot at how feature articles are structured, how they fit together. You’re well on your way. 

Now it’s time to make this thing really shine! And that’s with fieldwork. This is the part where you take your “beat” to the test and bring your voice to life. Get out of the library (or the internet, probably) and get a primary source! You might use:

  • Interviews 
  • Site visits (if you’re writing about a neighborhood, walk around! Write a description of that neighborhood in concrete, significant detail!) 
  • Photographs
  • Videos

Keep in mind, you will need to integrate anything you find here into your article. Don’t just write an article and tack a video on at the end! How will it fit? 

HW: Come up with a plan for your field research! 

It may be useful to review this slideshow on research and/ or this handout on interviews. 


  • What kinds of articles/ stories/ media  (and ads and videos for that matter) are on that site? 
  • What does that tell you about who they think their audience is? How do you draw that conclusion?
  • How long are the pieces usually? (pages, words, minutes)?
  • What is the tone, usually? (funny, serious, casual)
  • What kind of diction is usually used? (casual, formal, academic, etc.)
  • How do they usually use evidence/ support (such as data, quotations, interviews, etc)?
  • What can you tell us about their visual presentation?  Is it all black and white text? Video with lots of graphics?
  • How can you make your article a good fit for this publication?

GOOD LUCK!!!  Let me know if you have questions!  I am here for you!