In this article, “Travel meditations from a stuck-at-home vagabond” by Kelly DiNardo the point made was the possibility of being able to travel within the comfort of your home. That being said, you would use the thing most known world-wide and that is your smartphone with the power of the Internet. Bringing you all types of information from around the world.
Assuming the facts, as a professional I would start following this trend and work hard to be able to include an experience where it can be engaging with others such if I worked in a restaurant I would give samples of the restaurants specials and have locals discover food without the need of checking rating or researching where to eat. As the author states,”Instead of using your phone to research where to eat, spend the same time figuring out how to ask “Where do you eat?” in the local language. Or ask someone to draw you a map to the restaurant; you’re going to have the experience with a person instead of your phone.” This indicates how you travel at home or even in your home town teaches you a lot more than you thought just by engaging with others.