The article is talking about Royal Caribbean Group, a behemoth in the industry which owns three cruise lines, which said it will launch a ship in 2023 that will be equipped with “a large-scale, hybrid power source,” a combination of fuel cells, batteries and dual-fuel engines that use liquefied natural gas. But most cruise companies still rely on heavy fuel oil, a dirty, but cheap fuel, to help power the engines of behemoth ships that carry thousands of people around the world. But the industry's continued reliance on heavy fuel and the plans of many cruise lines to transition to liquefied natural gas a cleaner, less polluting fossil fuel that also emits methane, a major greenhouse gas have led to doubts over how serious companies are about fulfilling their pledge. “There is a lot of greenwashing,” said Sönke Diesener, the transport policy officer at the Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union in Germany (NABU), an environmental organization that studies the industry and ranks cruise companies according to their sustainability plans.