In this article I learned New York has the High Line, Miami has the Underline and, in the next few years, Miami Beach will have the ReefLine — a monumental public work featuring an art-studded underwater sculpture park, a carbon-sequestering artificial reef and a seven-mile snorkel trail running from Fourth Street in South Beach to Bal Harbour. Other partners include the City of Miami Beach, the Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), which is responsible for the 15-acre master plan, and players in the blockchain universe like Aorist, a digital art platform, and Decentraland, a 3-D virtual world. The city recently approved a $5 million bond issue to help finance the ReefLine ranking it on par with Miami Beach`s most significant cultural institutions, like the New World Symphony and Bass Museum, and the first and second phases of the project are supposed to start construction in early 2023. As a hospitality professional new things will launch, things like underwater sculpture park will be great. Its inspirational and unique. New adventure will be there for people.