In Hawaii, the Search for Sustainable Tourism


Hawaii will always be in the top 10 need-to-visit places in the USA. While reading the article, I was not aware that their tourism had completely dissipated because of Covid. However while Hawaii had this break from the never-ending tourism, De Fries took the opportunity of the empty streets to make a big change for his native island and his people. He decided to re-envision tourism and its effects. I believe he took the opportunity to re-design tourism for the ideal benefit of the native citizens instead of creating solely for tourists. Visitors have to be aware that this is someone's home. That is something I believe tourists forget. People tend to want to forget about their home, it doesn't cross their mind that where they are going is to someone's home. I appreciate and respect his focus on his community. In this society, money has become equivalent to the air we breathe. So it was refreshing that there is a leader out there who doesn't put money as a priority but just knows the importance of it.

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