Greetings, I am Alaijah Champagne-Ruiz, I am aspiring to become part of the ever-growing hospitality industry. My main goal is to have a career in wine and beverage. Wine and Beverage Management is interesting to me because I would one day create my own product and hopefully work or own a winery. On the other hand, I have hopes to open my own hotel as a Bed and Breakfast with amenities that will attract couples and families to my property. I will be building my property around sustainability and health and real estate in mind. I also would like to have a hand in sustainable tourism because I know that this industry is in direct contact with environmental life and people can disrupt local communities by either polluting or contributing to leaving carbon footprints. It is up to us to protect our environment not destroy a beautiful place just for momentary leisure activities. Even with all my interests all over, I would like to change and make an impact in Hospitality and Tourism.