Field Trip to AIGA

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The trip to AIGA, unfortunately the gallery wasn’t up and running yet, but we had the opportunity to view some history in AIGA. We took a look at the first invitation to AIGA’s first meeting. AIGA meetings at that time were only affordable to the rich because it cost $1000 to join the program. The art and design for the invitations really catches your eye and at the same time simple. It gives off the vibe and feeling that it was going to be worth it going to the meeting. AIGA’s invitation aside we also took a look at a odd and unusually poster that got famous not because it has really good art and design kind of the opposite. It was a poster created by Stefan Sagmeister a graphic designer and creator of this headless chicken poster. This poster was created for AIGA’s 1997 Biennial conference in New Orleans. It was actually the first poster to become famous because of its odd art. What really surprised me is that such unusually, odd and unappropriated art can be listed as a famous piece in history. I find it kind of funny and interesting. It got famous because people were outraged with the art and it created a big crowd and became mainstreamed. I guess art and design isn’t  just about the appearance but the attention and the unexpected We also looked at the old and new design of voting booths. The design and art of election papers, the difference between the old and new ones. Errors that changed outcomes of presidency. We also walked and took a tour into the members facility. The benefits of being a member and the resources members can use. Membership cost $50 and its only a one time payment. Overall the trip was great, we learned a lot about the art and designs and how it changed overtime. The attention art and design can bring in.



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