Journal Entry #8

When I walked into my internship today Dr. Tammie and Yimi were in Tammie’s office having a meeting. Bruno and I were waiting on our next assignment to be assigned by Tammie after completing the assessment handbook covers. When they were done Tammie asked us if we were knew anything about WordPress. I told her I knew a bit because I had to play around with WordPress and learn my way around it to design it for my internship class on Open-Lab.

Tammie asked Yimi to teach Bruno and I because Bruno never used WordPress before but he does know coding. So we had a mini-meeting at Yimi’s office and she taught us how to add menu columns, pages, widgets, media and etc. After a mini lesson Yimi asked us to help her with the new AIR website. Even though the website was already fully designed and ready to go they only needed to transfer all the data from the old AIR website to the new AIR website. So we had to go back to the old AIR website and download all the data and PDFs and had to upload them in the proper section and category. We also had to double check that the links were working and PDFs were able to be opened and downloaded.