Three articles from assignment 8


Company Magazine :

The Freestyle coke machine is actually a great idea. Although this is the first time I heard and seen such a machine. I like how its touchscreen and how simple it is to use just like an ATM. It is perfect for people like me who like mixing Sprite with Coke. The design for the machine allows the consumer to have many selections to choose from. The machine is also very appealing and the fact that it was inspired by Ferrari it makes it sound all fancy. This will be a big hit when it hits restaurants and fast food areas.



‚ÄúThe¬†High¬†Cost¬†of¬†Free‚Ä̬†from¬†the¬†same¬†issue¬†of¬†Fast¬†Company :¬†¬†

In this article it talks about why company that gives out free things is not smart. From the title “Why charging just a little can be smarter than charging nothing at all.” free is expensive, unless you are a big and successful company like Google who often gives out free program usage. Free is expensive to a company and I noticed a lot of company been trying to approach Google’s method of business by handing out free stuff. Free isn’t for every company and when approaching that method you must expect some revenue back. Imaging all the successful things companies gave out that became really popular and became mainstream, now imaging how much the companies would have made even if they just charged just a bit amount for it? Most free things has a catch, and by that I mean extra features. I am a gamer myself and I have noticed a lot of pay to play games have went free to pay, awesome right? but there will be a in-game shop that sell items that would cost real money and that’s where the company makes all its money. Same with businesses, release a new program, OS, product and you try it out and love it but want more out of it. Then they will show you what these extra features can do that can improve your product for just a small amount of additional cost.



Adobe Future is in the Past :

With the technology we have today the job of a graphic designer constantly gets easier and easier. Don’t get me wrong you need a set of skills and thoughtful mind to be a graphic designer and technology is one of the most important thing to graphic designers and in matter of fact important to almost any profession. With the improvement of technology new programs comes out every year it might require some training to use future improved technology. Now with these kind of programs being release on tablets and smartphones designers can do their work on the go. But with previous programs being expensive imagine how much these new programs for tablets and smartphones will cost?



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