Journal Entry #7

Interning at the AIR department was very comfortable for me because I am used to the environment because it is in the school. My schedule for the internship are every Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Dr. Tammie and her assistant Yimi are usually busy on Fridays out on meeting off campus and in campus. Without any of them there to supervise us we couldn’t do our hours. The room where the laptops are are usually locked unless Dr. Tammie or Yimi are in their office, so we couldn’t just walk in.

The first few weeks of interning at AIR our schedule was fine. It was towards the middle of our internship was when meetings started to piled on for Dr. Tammie and Yimi. So we started to miss out on our Friday internships. A few times Dr. Tammie allowed us to work our hours at home on Fridays due to the inconvenience. But Dr. Tammie feels strongly to have us in their office to work so they can supervise us. So in the end we were behind in hours because of Friday meetings. Dr. Tammie and Yimi tried their best to make it in on Fridays but the meeting were just too long and mostly off campus at this point.