App Review – Adobe Illustrator Draw

Last semester I took a illustration class for fun. The professor recommended those who never drew on a tablet to at least try it for the experience since most of illustrations are done on the computer now a days.  But he also encourages us to draw by hand because you have much more power that way.

I did most of the assignments hand drawn. My weakest point is coloring because I would always doubt my choices of color. I would usually draw out my picture and then take a photo of it on my phone and send it in a program called Paint Tool Sai. I would outline the sketch with my mouse and that would take forever. I color it in on the computer so I can always just change the color if I feel like the color doesn’t fit the picture.

When I came across the application Adobe Illustrator Draw in our internship class I knew right away I should have used this application last semester. It would have saved so much more time for me. I have a tablet so it would have been a lot easier to do all my assignments on this application on my tablet. I ended up spending $30 on a cheap but decent tablet to do my final assignment for that illustration class. I also have a stylus to make me sketch easier so I wouldn’t fat finger anything. So for my final assignment I decided to draw a landscape of a wheat field. Using a tablet to draw was very weird cause I wasn’t used to where my pen was pointing at on the computer screen.

The application overall was very easy to use and navigate. I love that it has different pencil and brush strokes that can really bring out the life of an sketch.  It really feels like you are drawing on a sketchbook because you actually have your finger or a stylus to draw with rather then a tablet pen hovering over the tablet and always losing it on the screen.