Journal Entry #2

My role in the AIR department is to provide my skills and expertise in the graphic design field. My supervisor is Dr. Tammie Cumming, who is the head of the AIR department. I landed on this internship because I was being pretty picky with selecting internships and time just flew by. This internship is really flexible and convenient for me because it is in the school and I can stop by and start working whenever I am free and in school, as long as my supervisor is there to supervise the work I do. I was interviewed in person and the interview went smooth. The questions that was asked were pretty much the basics as in what kind of project I worked on or do I know how to do this or that and how well I know my software. I believe the interview was simple because of my status as a student in City Tech and I can provide my experiences as a student of City Tech for their data analysis to the department.