Guess Speaker – James Levin

James Levin came into one of our classes as a guess speaker about networking and interviews for college students and college graduates who needs advice on acing those entry level jobs.

Levin talked about a lot of people have trouble starting and writing cover letters. A lot of people make the mistake of repeating their resume on their cover letters rather then letting the person who is reading the cover letter know a bit about the person who might be a potential candidate for the job. Also always do research before writing a cover letter to the employer to give them a sense that you know what company your working for and what kind of expectations they want from you when they hire you. It is also good to ask questions regarding the position you are trying to apply for to show that you care and want to know what you are getting into.

Most college students go to his company to get advice and help them find jobs, like celebrities have manager that helps them land parts in movies or TV shows same concept. He also pointed out that a lot of students have problem networking with other people. To solve that problem its best to go out to events and gatherings of people around your degree and major. You just have to be human and interact with other people to get linked into other peoples network and help each other out.