Journal Entry #4

Interning at the AIR department I first worked on a re-brand campaign with Bruno on a foundation called Broadway Shines founded by Stephen Daldry and our supervisor Tammie Cumming. They are trying to make Broadway Shines become a global organization that aligns its mission with the United Nations Global and work along side with the Broadway community, by supporting and providing leadership and mentor opportunities for the youth.

We intern three days a week and on the third day we have a meeting with Dr. Tammie to review and critic the work we did. For our first assignment we have to redo their logo because their old logo was just the letters B W Y and a star. We spent the first week researching other organization that has a similar mission statement and logo ideas. We made a comp of rough sketches and put them on the computer to play around with it. The typical day at my internship was pretty relax and time flies by. Dr. Tammie is usually pretty busy to supervise us so we have a lot of alone time to build up our work.